The Nucleus of the Left Brain

You are at the core of the Left Brain. The room is stark and institutional. The walls are painted in the puke green color that they paint the walls of elementary school classrooms.

In the middle of this room is a large mainframe computer. This computer is called the Logical Processor and it performs all of Andy's mental calculations that are of a logical nature. This includes everything from simple arithmetic to complex computer programming. The Logical Processor is housed in a cube-shaped black steel cabinet, on one side of which is a control panel covered with winking red lights. Wires and cables enter this room from every direction and are all connected to the Logical Processor at a bank of sockets under the control panel. These are network cables that keep the Logical Processor in constant communication with the other sections of Andy's Left Brain.

Kristin is here. She's leaning against the black cube, reading a book.

From here you can go to the Control Center, the Time Awareness Facility, the Department of Useless Information, the Cocktail Party, Andy's Most Secret Thoughts, his Short Term Memory, the Travel Bureau, the Library of Opinion, the Hall of Memory, or the Erogenous Zone. Or you can look at the map.


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