The Cocktail Party

This room is thronged with people. Although thoughts of Kristin float about in almost every section of Andy's brain, his thoughts about most other people are confined to this area.

A cocktail party is in full swing here. Music is playing, and the throngs of people are dancing, helping themselves to refreshments, or standing around socializing. Towards the back, you notice a more exclusive banquet room, the entryway blocked off by one of those thick, red velvet ropes. Kristin is sitting at a table in the banquet room, and you realize that about a dozen of Andy's closest friends and relatives are in there as well, whereas the crowds in the ballroom are merely the many acquaintances and casual friends that Andy has made over the years.

Across from the banquet room is a row of windows. You suddenly become aware that there are yet more people outside, peering in at the party through these windows. These must be the people that Andy doesn't like very much. It's raining outside.

From here you can go to the Left Brain Nucleus, the Department of Useless Information, Andy's Most Secret Thoughts, or the Erogenous Zone. Or you can look at the map.

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