Andrew Looney's Most Secret Thoughts

Whenever Andy has a thought that he wouldn't want anyone else to know about, it's locked up in here. This is the most closely guarded area in Andy's Brain. It strongly resemembles the section of a bank where they keep the safety deposit boxes. All around the room are locked boxes of various sizes, each keeping a dangerous or embarrassing thought tightly locked up.

A file clerk is here. He won't let you have free access to the various lock boxes stored here; however, if you wish to ask him a question, you may. Depending on just how secret the data you are requesting is, and the level of your security clearance, it might be answered (by email), or it might not (by a lack of email).

Kristin is also here. She is peering at the contents of one of the lock boxes, smirking.

From here you can go to the Left Brain Nucleus, the Cocktail Party, the Other 90%, Andy's Short Term Memory, or the Erogenous Zone. Or you can look at the map.

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