Short Term Memory

This is Andy's Short Term Memory. This is where thoughts of a temporary nature are stored until such time as they are discarded. This is also a transition point, i.e. a dumping ground, for thoughts and ideas that are being disposed of, and for memories that Andy is allowing himself to forget. The room has the feel of an old warehouse or a recently cleaned-out attic. It is basically empty, with little more than a few scraps of paper and bits of trash that are gathering dust in the corners. Also, all of the walls in this room are lined with blackboards, upon which are written an assortment of cryptic messages and phrases. One board has a list of numbers scrawled upon it, such as telephone numbers and access codes. Another board contains a list of errands with the heading "Things to Do." This board only has space for seven items, in slots on the board called registers. A third blackboard has the title "What I was Just Thinking About." You smile to yourself as you think of all the times that this blackboard has been prematurely erased, causing Andy to mutter "Damn! I just lost a thought!" as he desperately attempts to recall the missing information.

As you gaze at the blackboards, you realize that a cardboard box full of papers that you saw in the corner on your way in has since disappeared. You probably shouldn't hang around in here too long.

Kristin is here, using a piece of chalk to add something to the "Things to Do" board. As she does, you notice that a message is sent off to the Control Center that says "Warning: Registers nearly full. Transcribe list to paper."

From here you can go to the Left Brain Nucleus, Andy's Most Secret Thoughts, the Back of Andy's Head, the Travel Bureau, or the Erogenous Zone. Or you can look at the map.


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