The Back of Andy's Head

You have reached the spot at the very back of Andy's brain. Whenever Kristin says to Andy, "Here's an idea to stick in the back of your head," this is where that idea ends up.

Unfortunately, this room is totally disorganized. Since the purpose of this room is to keep track of other people's ideas, instead of Andy's own thoughts, there is no organized filing scheme such as the one used in the Department of Useless Information. This is why Andy rarely manages to remember those random ideas of Kristin's at a time when it would be helpful to do so. The room is tiny, and the solitary filing cabinet it contains is much too small to accommodate all of the loose and unrelated topics and ideas that have been sent down here for storage. The cabinet is now jammed full, and overflowing stacks of papers have been heaped up on every horizontal surface in this place. As you stand gazing down at this mess, one of the tallest piles of papers suddenly avalanches over, sending papers everywhere.

Kristin enters the room carrying a piece of yellow paper. She daintily places this piece of paper on top of one of the less dangerous looking stacks, and then quickly leaves, hoping to avoid causing any more avalanches.

Robin is also here. She leaves behind a note saying that she's trying to find a copy of Godspell on videotape.

From here you can go to the Short Term Memory or the Erogenous Zone. Or you can look at the map.

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