The Travel Bureau

Now you are on a beach in the south seas. There are palm trees waving slowing in the breeze, and the sound of the ocean fills the air. Behind you is a giant Easter Island tiki. Next to that is a little machine with a sign over it that says "The Travel Agency". The machine is covered with buttons, each of which has a different place name printed next to it. A few sample names are as follows: "Under the northern lights", "At the Blue Bayou restaurant in Disneyland", "In the Village", "Boulder, Colorado", "Beside a campfire deep in the forest at night," and "At the site of the Time Capsules in Flushing Meadows." A small red light is on, next to the button labeled "South Seas Paradise".

Kristin is here. She is building a sand castle.

From here you can go to the Left Brain Nucleus, Andy's Short Term Memory, the Library of Opinion, or the Erogenous Zone. Or you can look at the map.

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