The Laboratory for Creative Dynamism

At last you have entered the Laboratory for Creative Dynamism. This is where all of Andrew Looney's numerous creative ideas are designed and constructed. The lab is huge and is filled with all sorts of scientific paraphernalia, including beakers and test tubes bubbling with chemicals, and men in white lab coats writing equations on black boards.

Kristin is here. She is busy telling some of the men in white lab coats that even though it's a great idea, there's no way it can ever work.

Off in the corner of the lab is the Game Design annex, where the ideas for new games are generated. Keith Baker and John Cooper are in the annex, doing some playtesting.

From here you can go to the Right Brain Nucleus, the Writing Nook, Pepperland, or the Erogenous Zone. Or you can look at the map.

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