Homeworlds: Andy vs. Russell
PBEM Game 1, Report #1, 12/8/3

Moves 1 - 13
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Andy: I have established a spot by my desk where I can keep a game permanently set up. (I've found a new use for old phonograph records.) So what should I name my planet?

Russell: Your planet should be named based upon your people's moral code. My people center their lives around peace and general goodness. We are planning on spreading our goodness across the galaxy. We come from Peace!

Andy: I'm growing a small red.

Russell: I'm growing a small green. My people throw a vast planet-wide celebration as the first of our colony ships is built.

Andy: I'm turning my small red ship green. The popularity of our Supreme Leader (that's me) just went up by 6 more points, as the TV talk show pundits extol the wisdom I've shown by getting our ships into the green economy early in what is feared to be an impending epic struggle against the newly detected evil planet whose name ("Peace") means "oppression of the excitable" when translated into our language. Also, I've just decreed that our planet will be called "Paradise," which has proven to be a popular choice.

Russell: Ahhh - well, I'm turning my small green ship blue! Our astrologers have predicted that we'll be encountering a new civilization, unlike any we've seen before. Our psychics report disturbing images of war ships gathering around a strange distant world. However, we continue to believe in the essential goodness of all intelligent species - thus we see no need to engage in the creation of war ships. We have assigned a small contingent of our appliance sales people to consider ideas for a new type of star vessel - one equipped with a new technology which we'll call "weapons". But we don't anticipate needing any such technology for many generations to come. In other news, the excitement our people feel about spreading our peaceful and beautiful lifestyle has led to our piemakers working on a new design for an even larger ship. We anticipate the first models to be available in the next few years. These ships will be built on our new "Cool Blue" design - and we anticipate a monopoly in this market. Wild parties are thrown in every household as the first pieces of the hull are laid into place.

Andy: I'm building a small red at Paradise. Boy, you people sure have a lot of parties! Maybe we should come visit you, so we can "party" with you-all! I guess we'll need to invent the hyperdrive first...

Russell: It's what happens when you don't spend all of your time thinking of weapons and war, dude! Peace, no war, that's our motto! But sure, come visit us - just make sure you check your weapons in another galaxy. We don't want no trouble, officer!

I'll build a small green at Peace.

In a historic move, the government of Universal Peace has declared the entire month of Jackuary as "Planet Paradise Learning Month" - our people are studying the strange broadcasts being picked up by your radio frequency transmitters, and we are all quite fascinated. Critics of the policy warn of the danger of learning the war-like ways of the people living on Paradise - and this is coupled by the horrific images seen constantly on the transmissions we have received. Still, being an open and Peace-full culture, the people of Planet Peace are encouraged to use caution when viewing these images - and if things seem to overwhelming, to relax by one of our many seashores or lovely forests, and meditate for a while.

Andy: I'm turning my small red ship yellow. My people are delighted by my announcement that we now have star-drive technology! Now we can set forth on a journey to this planet of seashores and forests we keep hearing so much about!

Russell: My people were born knowing how to navigate - well, actually, how to leave our own system. Hence our eagerness to do so!

I'm building a medium blue. Welcome to the bigger ship era! Spontaneous celebrations erupt at the joy of seeing our first medium ship!

Andy: My small green ship moves to a medium blue system. Whee! We're exploring the universe! We've chosen to name this planet after one of our history's greatest explorers: Cobalt.

Russell: Excellent! Welcome out of your homeworld!

Andy: By the way, if you're so eager to leave your own system, why are you still hanging around your homeworld?

Russell: Dude, it's just so peaceful here... we really dig it. Why go anywhere else? Besides, pizza is delivered here.

On learning of the departure of your Embassy ship to meet with us, we immediately launched our own Embassy ship. On the way, we discovered the planet "Loverly" - and the people there began to spontaneously throw parties upon our arrival. They've beseeched us to accept them into our small confederation of planets, promising to send pizza and baked goods to Peace as needed. In response, the people of Peace have decided to declare the next 8 and a half days "Loverly PartyPlusWeek" and fun will be had by all! We apologize for the delay in arriving to greet you - but we still send our welcoming cheers as you make your first forays into the great frontier of interstellar space!

We're hoping that you'll learn about the errors of your warlike ways, now that your people are travelling and seeing the light of more joyful stars! Welcome! We know it may be a bit scary at times, but we find it's better to go unarmed - so leave your weapons at home and come on out to party!

Andy: Well, we're making plans to attend the "party" but we won't be leaving our weapons behind... in fact, we've decided to build another one, right now!

I'm building a small red at Paradise.

A few days later...

Andy: To the Aliens of the Peace Empire: We grow tired of waiting for your move. Our scientists have run numerous simulations and predictions, and they have announced that they know, with 88.64% certainty, what the next 4 moves will be. Our people, who are of course very instant-gratification oriented, are starting to lose interest now, since they know what will come next, and are growing tired of waiting to see it actually happen. War news is beginning to lose market share to vintage sitcoms, and I'm sure you understand how bad that can be for a planet's economy.

[What our scientists have predicted is that you will next build a medium blue, and that our Leader will then declare it necessary to gain access to the blue economy, causing us to convert our original Imperial War Cruiser to a large blue. Then you will of course build a large blue in whichever star system you didn't build in previously, after which we will build the a large blue using the last blue ship available. Then it will be your turn again, and then we will do something else, and shortly after that, you will be utterly destroyed.]

Meanwhile, efforts are being undertaken to maintain/build public interest and support for our upcoming war against you. We are developing a media campaign, and we have begun forwarding copies of our past communications to certain interested VIPs. Please note the new additions to the cc list and add them to your own communications file. Thank you.

News Flash: Our scientists have just announced that by sending you this message, we have changed the odds in their future predictions! They are running new simulations now...

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First Move of the Game
Andy:1:Homeworld (LGSB, lr)
Russell:2:Homeworld (MYSB, lg) Name (MYSB, "Peace")
Andy:3:Construct (LGSB, sr)
Russell:4:Construct (Peace, sg)
Andy:5:Trade (MYSB,sr,sg) Name (MYSB, "Paradise")
Russell:6:Trade (Peace, sg,sb)
Andy:7:Construct (Paradise, sr)
Russell:8:Construct (Peace, sg
Andy:9:Trade (MYSB,sr,sy)
Russell:10:Construct (Peace, mb)
Andy:11:Discover (Paradise, sg, MB) Name (MB, "Cobalt")
Russell:12:Discover (Peace, mb, LG) Name (LG, "Loverly")
Andy:13:Construct (Paradise, sr)

{Stash inventory}

{Updated ASCII star map}
Paradise (LGSB)

Cobalt (MB)

Loverly (LG)

Peace (MYSB)

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