# Name Designer Comments
1 The Yellow Assembly Andrew Looney  
2 Production & decay of strange 'mids Ken Megill  
3 Green Pyramids and Ham Ken Megill  
4 Lord of the Pits Ken Megill  
5 Slimy Pyramids, Dude! Andrew Looney  
6 Redcoats and Bummers Andrew Looney  
7 Introducing Mirrors! Andrew Looney  
8 Behold, Psychos! Andrew Looney  
9 We have a problem Andrew Looney  
10 Behold, Juggernauts! Andrew Looney  
11 Now Fortified with Iron! Andrew Looney  
12 Crush Me Andrew Looney  
13 Swampy Canals Andrew Looney  
14 River of Lava Keith Baker  
15 Rock and a Hard Place Mike Young  
16 South Pole Mike Young  
17 The Pit Wall Mike Young  
18 Trapped Like a Rat Mike Young  
19 Operation Zombie Drop Andrew Looney  
20 Bibble Ken Megill  
21 Slowly I Lurk Mike Young  
22 Lava Tubes Andrew Looney  
23 Volcano Season Andrew Looney  
24 Friends in the Limey Barrio Ken Megill  
25 All Good Pyramids go to Heaven Mike Young  
26 Graveyard Shift Mike Young  
27 Maelstrom Mike Young  
28 Little Dutch Boy Mike Young  
29 Midnight at the Oasis Mike Young  
30 Requiem Mass Ken Megill  
31 Zombie Jamboree Ken Megill
32 Under Siege Ken Megill  
33 Night of the Long Knives Ken Megill  
34 The Limeys of August Ken Megill  
35 Mids, Mr. Rico! Ken Megill  
36 The Road to Heck Ken Megill  
37 Chokepoint Ken Megill  
38 Pachinko Paul Murphy  
39 4 Traps for 4 Chameleons Kristin Looney  
40 Peekaboo Ken Megill  
41 Pit Crossing Keith Baker  
42 Raymond's Green & Evil Level Ken Megill  
43 Half the Battle Mike Young  
44 Ole Slime Religion Mike Young  
45 The Corral Mike Young  
46 It's Totally Random Mike Young  
47 Don't Break the Ice Mike Young  
48 Psycho Somatic Mike Young  
49 5 Little Juggernauts Mike Young  
50 Planet X Andrew Looney  
51 This Level Sucks! Keith Baker  
52 You're Soaking In It Keith Baker  
53 My Roommate is Slimy Mike Young
54 Merry Chase Mike Young  
55 I Lava Zombies Mike Young  
56 The Dead Pyramid Society Andrew Looney  
57 Here They Come! Mike Young  
58 Release The Hounds Mike Young  
59 Time Bomb Zeb Cook  
60 A Fistful of Bummers Paul Murphy  
61 4 Juggernauts & A Funeral Keith Baker  
62 Spa Fon! Andrew Looney  
63 Mirror, Mirror Mike Young  
64 One Way Mike Young  
65 Ring Around the Rosie Mike Young  
66 A Green And Unpleasant Level Ken & Keith  
67 A Blue and Cheerful Level Ken Megill  
68 Frozen Heck Ken Megill  
69 A Red And Jolly Level Keith Baker  
70 Zombie Stew Paul Murphy  
71 Slimex Mike Young  
72 Better Dead Than Red Mike Young  
73 Close The Door! Mike Young  
74 Cave Dwellers Mike Young  
75 Strange Reflections Paul Murphy  
76 The Pyrminator Paul Murphy  
77 Your Alien Masters Mike Young  
78 Psychotic Episode Mike Young  
79 Soup is Good Food Paul Murphy  
80 Pyrminator II Paul Murphy  
81 A Green and Bilious Level Paul Murphy  
82 Pulp Friction Paul Murphy  
83 The Mountains of Madness Paul Murphy  
84 Desert Rats Keith Baker  
85 Crossroads Keith Baker  
86 Pyramid Fondue Andrew Looney  
87 Hole In One Zeb Cook  
88 The Pyramid Has Landed Andrew Looney  
89 Pyramid-o-rama Andrew Looney  
90 Coral Entities Mike Young  
91 Yellow Fever Mike Young  
92 Don't Cry For Me Mike Young  
93 Clamjam Dave Bondi  
94 Pyramid Scheme Paul Murphy  
95 The Hills are Alive Keith Baker  
96 Fragments Keith Baker  
97 20 Quatloos on the Dudemeyer Mike Young  
98 You Can Run Mike Young  
99 Cream of Pyramid Soup Andrew Looney  
100 Philosopher's Isle Graeme Davis  
101 Ion Zones and Evil Drones Andrew Looney  
102 New Features Showroom Andrew Looney  
103 Landing Zone Keith Baker  
104 The Ouija Lounge Andrew Looney  
105 Stalag Gulag Keith Baker  
106 Eight Traps for Bunches of Blues Andrew Looney  
107 Apollo 19 Andrew Looney  
108 Baptism By Fire Andrew Looney  
109 Orange County Prison Kristin Looney  
110 Crown Me <name lost>  
111 Dustan Aron Levenstein Dustan Aron Levenstein  
112 This is a Level Dustan Aron Levenstein  
113 Jenelle's Play Jenelle Levenstein  
114 It is Finished Jenelle Levenstein  
115 In the Hold Ruth Levenstein  
116  Mounting Suspicion Ruth Levenstein  
149 Place Your Bets Andrew Looney  
150 Andy's Workshop #2 (Keep Out!) Andrew Looney  

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