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My excellent pumpkin

Number 12

Photo of me as an Icehouse ref

Hello all and welcome to my most excellent web page! My goal in adding this page to the WTS is to entertain my fellow toasters, and maybe even a small segment of the rest of the Web. I'll endeavor to add something new every week, so keep checking in, or look for any announcements about my pages in The Wunderland Weekly News.

My offerings will fall into two categories: First, original works; artwork, music, photos, or writing that I'm collecting here for self-publication on a scale unimaginable a few years ago. Hopefully, the world's collective yawn won't totally blow me over, but I think you'll enjoy it if you've gotten this far. Second, Stuff I Found On The Web, brought back and held up to the light for your enjoyment. There's a whole underground world of music publication on the Web through a device called "MIDI", and I have a link page or two of my favorites for you to cruise. Also, in commenting on an issue or interest of mine, I'll write some essays filled with links for you to read.

Go directly to the corners of my electronic world by using the navigation bar appearing at the top of this page, or jump down below this section to find out what I've added this week. I'll also be experimenting with time, allowing you to scroll through previous weeks' versions of my pages where appropriate.

What's New

Number12's Web Comics Picks

Here is this week's nanofic. It's the "prequel" to last week's story:

Silver Lining

Fearing alien invasion, Congress ordered him to secretly design an impervious barrier for the whole planet. He succeeded. It was his proudest moment when they flipped the switch and the sky turned silver. But he, like everyone else, was shocked when nuclear explosions rocked the planet. Nobody had thought to tell the Russians.

Well, it looks like the concrete experiment has come out okay after all. After a few days, the test bricks hardened up, and after a few more days I took the forms off and the pedastal now stands proudly if not a little lopsidedly in the middle of my yard.

Speaking of weekly art exercises, here is this week's painting.

For those of you who may not know her, this is a painting of the fabulous Lisa Joy, my inspiration in painting and my future wife, copied from a photo of about two years ago. This portrait seems to follow the style of my last one, in that the background and clothing of the figure have been left very sketchy and the face is a little "overexposed", which I am told is often used in photography to give models a certain intangible beauty. On this one I managed to correct the tiny head syndrome which blemished my first portrait. So far these paintings have been coming out realistic but sketchy looking. It may be time to move on to another style...

TV news this week: First and foremost, I recently discovered that the local UHF station WB 50 is showing not one but *two* episodes of Newsradio per weeknight! They are at 1am and 2am respectively, set your VCRs! "Why should I care?" you ask. What's so great about this show? Well, on the surface, nothing. It's a typically formatted sitcom. A bunch of crazy characters in a work environment, in this case an AM radio station. In fact, as the show progresses, there's almost no sense of any work being done, a characteristic of the show that I found rather annoying at first. However, if you are a fan of Phil Hartman, or even just wanted to see more of his stuff, he was one the stars of this show until his murder, and he is unbelievably great in this show! This is why I started watching it, but then I began to notice how good *everybody* on this show is. Watching the show, I get the impression that what I am seeing is an almost abstractly pure form of comedy possible because of the quality of the actors/comedians/and yes even the writers. The writing has be given marks for being a little different, sometimes unapologetically surreal. It has been given the misfit description of "edgy" more than once, and the show was often in danger of being canceled simply because various network executives just didn't get it. So to summarize: 1. Phil Hartman 2. Talented cast, 3. 1am and 2am (except that currently they're up to the 5th season reruns on the 1am slot which was after Phil was killed, although the series was still pretty good) in the Washington D.C. area.

In other TV news, "Titus" didn't suck as badly as I expected from the reviews and from Fox's own promoting. Certainly no unique gem in plot, but its format was actually interesting - the switching back and forth in time, onstage and offstage, made it seem a lot like a kind of play.

From Malcom In The Middle recently: "Ho-Ho's! I have real Ho-Ho's!". I also enjoyed the clever use of "The Sun Is A Mass Of Incandescent Gas" in another episode.

Oh yeah, I updated my Nanofiction and Nanocrit archives (up to two weeks ago, at least).


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