Problem Child

By Amy Chused and Charles Dickson

Page 5

  Scene: HVR ship, engineering section. McDonagh, Ensign Mreen, 
  and Ensign Topaz, a harried looking female engineering assistant 
  beam in, along with several lumps of techno-gear.
  Mreen: Wow! This is great! Look at this place!
  McDonagh: Yeah, pretty well destroyed isn't it? Ensign Topaz, 
  see if you can locate one of the main power trunks.
  (Topaz pulls out a tricorder with several extra dials and 
  antennae on it and begins to lead the group through the rubble. 
  Mreen and McDonagh grab handles attached to the equipment and 
  trudge behind.)
  Mreen: No, I mean look at the technology! It's so old looking, 
  so cluttered and quaint. You know what this reminds me of? 
  Early 22nd century-level technology, you know, the constellation 
  class starships. I mean, even the styling; exposed bulkheads and 
  McDonagh: Yeah, I guess you're right. It's a wonder they can 
  make Jolt-warp work.
  Mreen: Look, on that panel! A toggle switch!
  They stop in front of the panel. McDonagh throws the switch 
  Ensign Topaz: (From another room) Over here! This is it!
  McDonagh and Mreen pick up the stuff and round the corner.
  McDonagh: A Jeffries Tube?
  Topaz: Uh, ... yeah. Look, I've pinged the system and found six 
  fault zones that can be cut off at the trunk level. I'll, uh, 
  check them out now if you want...
  McDonagh: Yeah, go ahead. (Crawls up the tube, grumbling.)
  Mreen busies himself ripping open a drawer containing computer 
  boards while the other two work. McDonagh crawls down after a 
  while, confers with Topaz, and unwinds a length of really thick 
  wire from one of the pieces of equipment, pulling it back up the 
  tube and attaching it somewhere inside.
  Ensign Topaz: Ok, the system's clear.
  McDonagh: Right. You ready for power over there?
  Mreen: Yeah. (Closes panel)
  McDonagh pulls a T-handle attached to a chord on the piece of 
  equipment, which roars to life. Lights blink on all over the 
  ship. The noise of the power source is deafening. Mreen gapes.
  Mreen: What the HELL? 
  McDonagh: Hey, it's from my private collection. Now, you've got 
  lights, computers, and life support; no navigation, turbo-lifts, 
  or engines. Can you deal? I need to get back to the ship.
  Mreen: Uh, fine. I'll just, uh move up to the bridge.  

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