Problem Child

By Amy Chused and Charles Dickson

Table Of Contents


  1. Background for Star Trek: The Cruton Generation. Recommended reading!
  2. Opening scene and credits
  3. In the quarters of Ensigns Redshirt and Crimsontunic
  4. Discovering the child on the derelict
  5. Back on the Heisenberg
  6. Re-powering the derelict
  7. Ensign Metag
  8. In Yaz Pistachio's quarters
  9. Transporter Operator and Lite
  10. Back on the HVR ship
  11. Misc business; Lite is captured
  12. Lite and Thokk
  13. Kendragon and Polana
  14. In Engineering
  15. Juggling
  16. Parade
  17. In Commander Scribonia's office
  18. Jiapa and Lite
  19. A call to the HVR
  20. Arrival at Starbase LMC1
  21. Epilogue

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