Problem Child

By Amy Chused and Charles Dickson

Page 4

  Scene: Transporter Room. Scribonia, Jiapa, and Lite shimmer 
  into existence on the pad.
  Transporter Operator: Welcome back. So, this is the kid, hey? 
  He reaches out a hand to pat Lite on the head. Lite stares in 
  horror at Transporter Operator, then reaches up and grabs the 
  hand, biting down hard on it.
  Transporter Operator: OOOOOWWWWWW!
  Scribonia: (amused)  Transporter Operator, didn't anybody ever 
  teach you not to pet strange dogs?
  Jiapa: (also amused) Come on Lite, I'll show you what a real 
  Federation ship's counselor's room looks like!
  Lite: Oh boy. Thrills. (follows Jiapa out into the corridor, 
  looking over his shoulder at the Transporter Operator, who is 
  standing looking back at him, holding his hand.)
  In the corridor:
  Scribonia: Well Jiapa, are you planning on doing tests on the 
  Jiapa: Oh yes. With such a young subject, I may be able to 
  learn a lot about Hidden Valley Rancher base psychology. When we 
  get to my cabin, we can play some games; won't that be fun, Lite? 
  Lite? (looks around). Uh-oh.
  Captain's Log, Stardate 201498. We have taken the remains of the 
  HVR fighter under tow and are proceeding to starbase LMC1. I 
  have absolved the crew of the Nash of any responsibility in the 
  incident, and they are free to continue on their regular trade 
  route. Review of the logs from the Nash show no measured 
  transporter activity from the HVR ship following their encounter 
  with it. On Scribonia's recommendation I'm having McDonagh and a 
  computer specialist sent over to recover the ship's logs, in 
  hopes we might learn what happened to the crew.

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