Problem Child

By Amy Chused and Charles Dickson

Page 7

  In the Hallway:
  Lite is walking down the hallway looking slightly confused. 
  Finally he shrugs and looks up.
  Lite: Computer?
  Pandora: Here I am, Lite. But my name is Pandora. How would you 
  like it if I called you Hidden Valley Rancher Kid?
  Lite: (muttering) Better than if you called me Lite! 
  Pandora: Fine. Bloocheez Junior, my name is Pandora. It's a 
  pleasure to meet you.
  Lite rolls his eyes.
  Lite: Pandora, tell me how to get to Commander yaz-pistashio's 
  Pandora (lighting a trail) Just follow the purple light. But I 
  wouldn't disturb him right now. He's in the middle of a tricky 
  3-D puzzle and he won't want to be disturbed. 
  Lite: Does he have his gravity off?
  Pandora: Well of course. How else could he get the puzzle pieces 
  to stay in place before it's done?
  Lite (setting off after the guide light) Thanks.
  yaz's quarters
  yaz is floating in the middle of the room with a big three 
  dimensional puzzle surrounding him. It has the appearance of a 
  partially filled in sphere. In fact, from the parts that are 
  complete, it looks amazingly like the top several layers of the 
  earth. yaz has the remaining puzzle pieces in a clump in front 
  of him, and he is holding a greenish blue piece and talking to 
  yaz: Now where does this piece go? The top land pieces are easy, 
  with their country markers, but this greenish blue... It could be 
  an ocean piece with algae under it, or it could one of the metal 
  layers lower down. Hmm. At this rate it'll take me months to 
  finish this puzzle. But it'll be beautiful when it's done.
  The doorbell chimes **ding**
  yaz: Come.
  The door opens and Lite steps through. The force of his first 
  step in the no gravity room throws him towards the ceiling and he 
  grabs hold of the light fixture.
  Lite: WHEEE!
  yaz looks up from his position in the middle of the puzzle. He 
  has to move slowly so as not to throw himself through the puzzle 
  (there is an opening at the top to get in and out, but the rest 
  of the puzzle is only partially completed and a kick would 
  completely mess up the pieces). 
  yaz: Watch out! Don't touch the puzzle!
  Lite: (pushing off from the ceiling towards yaz) What puzzle? 
  Oh, those floating things? I've never seen a puzzle like this 
  His push from the ceiling was soft, so that he is not going very 
  fast, but he is, unfortunately, floating in the direction of the 
  puzzle. yaz sees this and opens his mouth to scream, then winces 
  and holds out his hands to protect himself from Lite's impact.
  Lite: (as he pushes through one side of the puzzle, scattering 
  pieces in his wake) Oh, this puzzle. Oops.
  His flight continues as he crashes into yaz. The added momentum 
  pushes both Lite and yaz through the other side of the puzzle. 
  The pieces are now scattered all over the room and moving in 
  different directions. Almost none of them are floating in place.
  Lite and yaz crash into the floor and would have bounced back 
  except that yaz manages to grab both the floor and Lite. He 
  looks around at the wreckage of his puzzle, and his sorrow is 
  replaced by anger.
  yaz: How did you get loose? And why are you here?!!!! What the 
  HECK did you think you were doing?
  Lite: I'm Lite, I mean, I'm Bloocheez Lite, nephew and heir to 
  Bloocheez! I was talking to the guy with the gravity cube but he 
  refused to turn off the gravity for me to play with and finally 
  he told me to come here cuz you had no gravity.  
  yaz: Great. I wonder what Metag was thinking when he sent you 
  here. In any case, Mister Lite, you are in big trouble now.
  Lite squirms out of yaz's grip and gives a big kick off the 
  floor. Unfortunately, at this location, the floor is the same as 
  yaz's gut.
  yaz: ULP!
  Lite caroms off the walls and ceiling while yaz moans on the 
  floor. On the rebound he knocks a flailing arm into a glass 
  figurine which was sitting in a cubby, but unfortunately, not far 
  enough into the cubby. The sight of his precious figurine 
  bouncing off the walls is enough to move yaz despite his aching 
  gut. He pulls himself up and catches the figurine. Just then 
  Lite bounces again and hits yaz's arm, throwing the figurine off 
  again into a wall where one of its fingers gets chipped off. yaz 
  is steaming now; he grabs Lite's collar with one hand, and the 
  figurine with the other. He straightens himself a bit and calls 
  yaz: Gravity on!
  yaz replaces the figurine in the cubby and turns his attention on 
  Lite, shaking slightly in his fury.
  Lite: Why'd you turn on the gravity? I already said I was sorry 
  for wrecking your puzzle. Geez, what's the big deal. Turn the 
  gravity back off so I can play. 
  yaz: (carefully trying to restrain his anger) Lite, you are going 
  to go to the library and read a good book or something until 
  Jiapa gets you. More importantly, you are LEAVING my room. 
  Pandora, show him the way to the library.  Door, open.
  The door slides open and yaz, still holding Lite by his collar 
  and belt loop, frogmarches Lite to the door and throws him 
  yaz (ic): Jiapa, your HVR brat, Lite, came by here and trashed my 
  puzzle. I've sent him to the library, so go get him. And don't 
  let me see him again.

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