Karate Test

She and he circled each other, a sparring match for the karate test on a balmy spring night at the local boy's and girl's club. The parents and teachers sat nearby on the pre-school sized community center furniture. They didn't know that he was her lover, although I did, and I could see how he was gently encouraging her in the fight, helping her get through the test that was so important to her. She was petite and sweet looking even in sweats, with golden hair that fell in gentle curls around her shoulders. Her rosy cheeks, doll's eyes and lips were pursed in a serious expression as she puffed for breath and concentrated on the next kick. He was taller than her; his dark blond hair was feathered back, but also swirled forward like a hood over his face. He had a thin mustache. His eyes were like crystal blue jewels, thin and intent as a weasel's. He bounced, circled, and held his hands like a street fighter. He was confident, and laughed. This fighting was second nature to him; he had conquered the school yard and seemed out of place in this well-lit room. No wonder he was irresistible to her.

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