Waiting For The Dawn

All images - No plot or character

By Charles Dickson

Welcome to my collection of short stories and poems. The following experiment was begun in earnest in 1984, suspended for great swathes of time between then and now, and kept alive by the inspiration of dreams, songwriting, and the Great And Powerful Boon (Wendy, where are you?). Week by week I'll be adding my best old stories and poems, tweaked and updated, and maybe some new ones. The general theme of this collection is "staying up all night", with a little bit of self-discovery and Kerouac-ism also; in other words, the highlights of my own arid existence. Enjoy, and as always, if you have comments, please feel free to rip me up via e-mail.

  1. Story: Bicycle Ride
  2. Poem: The Reason Why
  3. Story: The Start Of Something New
  4. Poem: Shuttle Approach
  5. Story: A Fool's Story
  6. Story: Karate Test

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