the Warden's Wife, holding me     the Warden
We had a special relationship, although she tried hard not to play favorites among her grandchildren -- called me "Sugar" and in the aftermath of my appendectomy, fattened me up on chocolate ice cream cones.     The head warden at Leavenworth for over a decade handled my first driving experiences, at the wheel of his tractor and pickup truck, out in the fields of the farm they retired to (named "October Hill").
the Farmer with cat and unidentified infant     the Farmer's Wife
A farmer who rolled his own and lit 'em with a fascinating clear-bodied lighter, decorated with a fishing graphic. I'd play with it during the few spells when he'd appear and park himself on our living room couch for a week or so.     "It's a creature" - she'd always say this twice, the catalyst being the flexible plastic "Creepy Crawlies" I'd make which were all over the house. Her expression lingers in the family vocabulary.

Upper row, my father's parents (with me); lower row, my mother's
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