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A roll of snapshots (with commentary) from my 2002 journey: Tokyo, then on to Malaysia: Singapore and Kuala Lumpur; and back to Tokyo. This was my sixth trip to Asia, but only the second where I got out of Japan.

  1. New Year's Hamaya
  2. Koban on Tsukishima (Moon Island)
  3. Shibuya street sales -- Magic Mushrooms
  4. Shibuya -- Fishnet Hose
  5. Shibuya -- Graffiti
  6. Singapore -- Terrace Houses in Chinatown
  7. Singapore Arcade
  8. Spiral Staircases
  9. On Orchard Road
  10. Inside a Food Centre
  11. Subways
  12. KL towers
  13. KL arcade, Chinatown
  14. KL Girls
  15. Masjid Jamek ("Friday Mosque")
    Masjid Jamek at night
  16. KL street, rain
  17. Pitcher Plant Fountain
  18. On Jalan Alor
  19. Outside the Central Market
  20. Our Man in Malaysia
  21. Happy Monday -- Seijin no Hi
  22. Sushi Kids
  23. Tower outside the Sumo Kokugikan and the souvenir cup
  24. Totoros with Doraemon at a Narita gift shop

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