Rash Asia 2002 banner
Jan 1 SFO - NRT flightNarita, Tokyo
Jan 2: Touganeya Hotel
Jan 3: Sakura Ryokan
Jan 4: Business Hotel Nasuda
Jan 5: Nishi Shinjuku Hotel
Jan 6: Hotel Fukudaya
Jan 7NRT - SINChangi airport, Singapore
Jan 7, 8: Hotel Asia
Jan 9: Perak Lodge
Jan 10overland by bus to Kuala Lumpur
Jan 10: Nan Yeang
Jan 11: Imperial Hotel
Jan 12: Cardoman Hotel
Jan 13 bus back to Singapore
Jan 14SIN - NRTback to Narita
Jan 14: Hotel Wing International
Jan 15: Sumisho Hotel
Jan 16: Hotel Fukudaya
Jan 17NRT - SFOback to San Francisco

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    The above were noted down in passing, off bus adverts, flyers, notices tacked up, etc. These next few are business I visited:
Mr.Friendly Daily Store in trendy Daikonyama
Kranz, a small cafe I like between the Fukudaya and Shibuya station
(slide show, from its architects, I think)
Bombay Juice, a head shop in trendy Shimokitazawa (mushrooms, kava and qat were among its available herbs & etc)
www.tenya.co.jp - tempura chain
netsuke store I couldn't locate (since it's apparently a private apartment)

    On all of my journeys (and even day by day) musical selections pop into my head, sometimes induced by snatches of songs heard. They rotate for a time, then fade away. This time, I took such detailed notes; these were also recorded.
    "Scooby Doo, Where Are You?" (TV show theme)
    at least one tune by the Orange Peels
    "Sleigh Ride" -- Leroy Anderson (and Winter Wonderland)
    "Totoro" ST music -- 'Joe' Hisaishi
    "Sunday Will Never Be the Same" -- Spanky
    "Hey Girl" -- Chi-Lites?
    "White Christmas" -- Bing
    that Muzak tune from Denny's (summer '85)
    "Today" -- Jeffereson Airplane
    "Marakesh Express" -- CSN
    "Somethnig Stupid" -- Frank and Nancy
    "Real Love" and "It Won't Be Long" -- Beatles
    "Tiny Dancer" "Rotten Peaches" "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" -- Elton
    "In Held 'Twas in I" -- Procol Harum
    "Smile" -- Tony Bennet

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