Living with a Broccoli

Tirade is a wonderful broccoli. We love him, and for years we hoped to find out who made him and get more broccoli stalks like him for our friends and family.

Unfortunately, the company that made him (we think it was called FreeMountain, based in Vermont somewhere) seems to have gone out of business a decade or more ago, and we haven't managed yet to find anyone who knows anything about Tirade's birth company. (If you or anyone you know does, please let us know.)

Since more of Tirade's kind could not be found, we decided to get someone to clone him for us.


This is Leah. She is a sewing genius. As you can see, she made a bunch of new stuffed broccolis for us, more even than we know what to do with. So, we're letting other people adopt them.

She made 15 of them for us, and we sold them all long ago. Hopefully someday we'll get more!

If you are interested in a particular number, let us know that too. When you get him, you must let us know what you name him and also hopefully send us a photograph of your new pal in his new home so that we can keep track of the little guys.

Here's where the sprouts who've moved out so far have gone:

  • Forrest (#1, living with Annaliese Moyer)
  • Outrage (#2, living in Kristin's office)
  • Cyclone (#3, living with Leah Spevak)
  • Red (#4, living with JazzFish)
  • Ruben (#5, living with Robin Vinopal)
  • Number 6 (living with Sharon Looney)
  • Cy (#7, living with Nancy J. Lin in Tokyo)
  • Sprout #8 (living with Rachel Golub)
  • Buddy (#9, living with Ellen and Keith Baker)
  • Keld (#10, living with Marcella Florence in Asheville, North Carolina)
  • Tot (The Other Tirade) (#11, living with the other Kristin)
  • Sprout #12 (sold to Fuzzface)
  • Rant (#13, living with Dale Newfield)
  • Sprout #14 (sold)
  • Mr. Eat-Your-Vegetables (#15) living with Juniper


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