Flying Eye Experiences

Halloween of 1996 brought the marriage of my hair sister. She dispensed with the traditional tomfoolery of bestowing upon certain people the honor of having to buy a hideous clone outfit, declaring instead that the ceremony would be devoid of attendants, that the reception would be a costume party, and that anyone who damn well pleased was welcome to show up as a bridesmaid. Thus, there were bridesmaids of every stripe and chromosomal combination. There were fairies. There were drunkards. There were Flying Eyes!

I constructed papier mache Eye costumes for my stunt double and myself. It was a swooping good time. Pictures of the Flying Eye Bridesmaids could be added at any moment. Here are some different shots from Halloween 1997, when the Eyes increased in force and power (and Their design and detail became more elaborate).

Then, in 1998 the Flying Eyes conquered our thriving metropolis. An account of this triumph.



Halloween 1997


Flee the Flying Eyes