April 23, 1998

This week I've been doing silly things like paid programming work (I'm finally learning Java) and working on my secret Titanic film project, which means I haven't built much new content here this week (except of course for the usual new chapter and short story). And while my lameness is generally reflected by the rest of my fellow Toasters, it should be noted that Ellen, Keith, and CZ have all been making adjustments to their pages in recent weeks. If you haven't looked lately, look again. More importantly still, Number 12 has started a new E-Book!

Also, I saw Lost in Space this week, which basically sucked. It had some great effects, but the bad parts (which are best summarized with the words "Space Monkey") far outweighed the good parts. Also (Warning: Spoilers ahead) why wasn't Bill Mumy in this film? I know nothing about the Hollywood shenanigans that led to the production of this picture, so I don't know if he turned it down or was never offered it or what, but Bill should have been in this movie. The script seemed to me to have been written for him. The good portions of the film involve some neat time travel stuff... they land on a hostile planet and eventually discover the ancient remains of their own ship in the debris around the crashed Jupiter 2 (which, by the way, it seems impossible for them ever to launch again). This leads ultimately to a reunion with the now fully grown Will Robinson, who has nearly completed construction on a time machine. Now, we've all watched little Billy Mumy grow up, and we know what he's supposed to look like as an adult, and this wasn't him. Why wasn't it? Bill is still active as an actor (perhaps so much so that he couldn't find time for this), and doesn't seem to regard his Lost in Space past as something he'd rather forget, given his appearances on the Sci-Fi channel's various marathons, not to mention Space Ghost Coast to Coast, nor did the new version seem bent on disregarding the past, given its use of the original voice of the Robot and a cameo by June Lockhart. So, where was Bill? Anyone know?

The other day I was reading one of these on-line journals that have been appearing on the web (which I suppose this page is turning into for me, except these others are usually daily, not weekly) and I remember finding a page where someone mentioned having been dropped on his head as a child. This in turn caused me to remember an incident from my own childhood, which Kristin found interesting enough to make me conclude was worth yammering about here, since another thing these on-line journals seem to do a lot is to tell stories from one's personal history.

Anyway, when I was 13 or 15 or so, I fell out of a tree. Don't ask me what I was doing there - I was the first to ask this question and I never really got a satisfactory answer. Because you see, I got a mild concussion, and with it came some short term memory loss. I can remember sitting in a hospital room, unsure of how I got there (I think there was an ambulance ride involved) and looking at my clothes which hung on hooks in the room. And I remember looking at a shirt which I knew must be my shirt, and yet not recalling how I had come by it. It was a Hawaiian shirt my mother had made, and I was able to conclude that since this was two days after my birthday, I must have been given the shirt as a birthday gift. Yet I could not recall the events of my birthday nor any other recent events, including the climbing of the Menzer's tree. Luckily, I was discharged the next day with no apparent long term impacts on my memory, which tends to be better than average.