May 21, 1998

As the days of this week have marched relentlessly towards Thursday, my ambitious plans for what I'd add to the website have fallen off one by one, until they reached the bare minimum: this page, and the next chapter in the Empty City. Why so lame? It's been an extra busy week.

I did 3 separate photo shoots with the Denn sisters this week, trying to get a shot we were all happy with for the back cover of the Origins program book. In the first shoot, I learned some valuable (but painful) lessons in dealing with overly bright light; in the second, I learned how to shoot in a real studio, and in the third, I got the perfect shot. Just in time, too, the deadline for sending in the artwork is tomorrow.

On the production side of things, we received a few sample decks of Aquarius cards this week, and they are wunderful. All they need is boxes. So, at this rate, there's a chance we could have Aquarius for sale as early as next week! Moreover, it looks certain we'll have 2nd Edition Fluxx for sale by then too. It has finally shipped, and from what I've heard, it was very well received at the big Chessix event this past week.

So tune in next week... I'll try to have cool news for you!

In the meantime, Enjoy Life!

PS: VCR alert: Sci-Fi Channel, Monday, May 25th at 8:00 AM: The Titanic episode of Time Tunnel! The last piece I need for my secret project! (I sure hope my cable doesn't go out in the middle...)

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