Thursday, January 29, 1998

Here's a little bit of Fluxx news for those of you looking forward to the Second Edition: it will include 2 new Keepers! As the folks at I.C .E. get the new version ready to go to the printer, they suddenly realized they had 4 extra slots on the card sheet. So, I thought about all of the various Keeper ideas people have suggested, and we settled on Coffee and Donuts, originally suggested to me by Ellen. In a related story, the new cards will also be slightly narrower than those in the first edition.

Anyway, here's what's new on the site this week:

  • Dawn has finally joined the WTS!
  • Chapter 18 of the Empty City is available.
  • This week's story from My Secret World is called Lunch in Disneyland.
  • John has written a book about writing poetry called The Science of Poetry.
  • Ember has started hosting the web pages for Swing Baltimore.
  • I've added 4 new pictures of Gina to Gina and her Sister. (Sorry, still haven't had a chance to shoot any new ones of Lori...)


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