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New this week: Chapter 77, in which we find Umberto and the Twins waiting for Dave to show up

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2001: A Space Odyssey

I remember being excited about seeing this sci-fi epic as a kid, and then falling asleep in the middle. Now it's a half-watch favorite, because its theme of solitude sets the perfect mood for working late into the night, while its casual pace keeps it from being too absorbing.

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The plot device was
transferred from Repo Man's trunk
to a small briefcase.

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Thursday, March 11,1999

What's New?

  • The ContagiousDreams site continues to grow
  • Gina added to the Booda report
  • John revised a coupla poems (and put up a secret short story)
  • Renee added some stuff to her pages (including a guestbook)
  • Ember's added a page about email virus hoaxes and chain letter damage
  • There's a new face on the Milk Carton
  • There's a real live gravestone in the graveyard

New Iceland cartoonthe story so far

We've finally caught up with everyone else, in that we are now completely sold out of the Second Edition of Fluxx. We saw the drought coming and stocked up, and lately we've been the only place we've known of that still had decks available, but now we too are all out. Luckily, the third printing is finally underway and should ship in the next week or two, so it won't be out of print much longer.

In the meantime, we've gone up to the attic to check, and yes, we've still got a few of the original black & white decks left, so we'll be offering those for sale until they run out (or the third printing ships, whichever comes first). The First Edition is sure to be a collector's item someday, so if you don't have one, you might want to pick one up now, while supplies last.

Contagious Dreams report: This week we've been preparing a packet of materials, to be sent to small game manufacturers, describing our project and requesting review copies of their games. These materials are also available on-line; if you know of a candidate dreamer who isn't on our list, please point them to these pages or call them to our attention so that we can mail them a copy of the packet. Meanwhile, a dozen Toasters have signed up to review products, and already people are working at trying out games and writing up reviews. (If you'd like a sneak peek, you can read the first review, written by by Gina and Alison, of the Original Egg Game.)

Last month, Jake put up his rules for an elaborate Monopoly variation called Ultra-Monopoly. This week we tried it out, and it was way more fun than the original. Kristin and I were bankrupted fairly early on (but hey, at least we got a chance to wear the stylish Monopoly shirts and vests my mom and brother conspired to gift us with last Xmas), and although everyone was expecting Jake to win, it was actually his friend Peter Hammond who emerged as the winner. But in any event, it's a great twist on standard Monopoly, so if you've got two unmatched copies of the game, I'd urge you to try it out.

A couple of things happened to me this week that I've seen happen to other people I've known over the years, but which have never happened to me until now. First, I've been contacted by a lad in Illinois with my exact same name: Andrew James Looney! I've been corresponding with him via email, and he seems like a cool guy; so watch out, world: there are 2 of us!

Meanwhile, someone in Brooklyn has been trying to hijack one of my credit cards. He called my banking institution, first claiming that I'd moved to New York, and then requesting a replacement card on my behalf, to be sent, of course, to my "new" address in Brooklyn. Luckily it was flagged and prevented, but we canceled that account anyway, just to be sure.

And finally, although the major news media are not reporting it, something significant is happening in Philadelphia. A class action suit is moving forward, in which 165 seriously ill patients are suing the government for the right to use marijuana to alleviate their medical conditions. The key question in the current deliberations is this: Why are eight people being routinely provided with free marijuana, by the government, when that same government seeks to arrest everyone else who uses it? (This really is true; I've met one of the eight, a woman named Elvy.) The government has been trying to have the case dismissed, but the judge has over-ruled this, allowing the case to proceed on the basis of the plaintiffs' 14th Amendment rights to "Equal Protection of the laws." Despite the media blackout, insiders believe this will be a landmark case; read all about it at

Don't forget to play!

Thought Residue
Welcome to the Universe, Arlo Miles and Zoe Risner! (And congratulations Lisa and Tomas and Oz and Jim...)
For a long time, I've been the undisputed Gnip Gnop champion at Wunderland. But this week, I was unexpectedly unseated (and in fact, utterly trounced!) by Meg. You can be sure that there'll be a re-match this week...
"When Andy and James Ernest have their final showdown, I want to be there selling popcorn." - ICE President Pete Fenlon

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