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Treehouse is an award winning board game played with a set of 15 plastic pyramids. Pink Treehouse is a special edition in a long awaited new color – PINK!

Looney Labs will be donating 5% of the proceeds from the sale of Pink Treehouse to the fight against breast cancer.

2-4 Players
5-20 Minutes
Ages 5-Adult

How To Play

Each player is given a set of 3 different sized pyramids which they stack up initially in a setup called a Tree.

The object of the game is to rearrange your set of pyramids to make them match the set of pyramids in the center of the table, a grouping which is known as the House. Players take their turns by rolling the special six-sided die, which gives them different options for altering the arrangement of their pyramids, or in some cases, the House pieces players are trying to match.

This fast, fun and easy to learn game is perfect for the whole family - it will engage players of any age, relying on a combination of strategy and luck to match the House arrangement. Pink Treehouse is played with patented gaming pyramids called Icehouse pieces, which can also be used to play hundreds of other board games. It’s packaged in a convenient-sized box, thus making Pink Treehouse the play-everywhere game you can take with you anywhere.

You can download a pdf of the rules sheet (2.5 Meg) or watch a demonstration on YouTube!

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The game TREEHOUSE was awarded the title of BEST BOARD GAME OF 2006 by the Hobby Game industry, but this is only the most recent award for our pyramids. The pyramds are a gaming system called The Icehouse Game System, and there are hundreds of different games you can play with these wonderful little pyramids, which are now available in 12 colors! Pyramid games have won three Origins Awards, a Mensa Select Award, and a Game 100 listing. See our main Treehouse page for more information and other products for the system.


Children love Treehouse
"Last night I went to a free concert. The man performing was Jerry Leggett. He is touring the US, in a tiny vintage tear-drop RV trailer, spreading an Idea of peace. After the concert I was lucky enough to meet with him. My wife and I took him to dinner. We had a wonderful conversation. My 4 year old was with us, and was getting a little bored with all the adult stuff going on. She asked me if we could play Treehouse. (I always carry her set with me whenever we go out, it's better then crayons!) When I gave her the set she began playing with the pieces. I told her to set up the game and I would play. Not only did she set it up, (no surprise there) but she set up a tree for all the adults. She then turned to Mr. Leggett and politely said 'Excuse me, but you have to play Treehouse.' She then showed him the pieces and began explaining the game. He rolled the die and came up with TIP, and my daughter explained that he had to tip his tree over..." -- email from a fan named Bob
"Daddy, will you help me write a letter?"
"Sure, who do you want to write to?"
"I don't know."
"Let's see... We could write to Andy Looney and tell him how much you like Treehouse."
"Actually, I don't want to write a letter... Can we play Treehouse?"

"So you'll have to settle for an email from me... Seriously, she's a fanatic. As you're aware, I'm more of a Homeworlds guy; Treehouse initially struck me as a bit lightweight. But hey, my daughter is 5, and it's a lot more interesting than her previous favorite, the Cinderella-themed jewelry collection game 'Pretty Pretty Princess'. I played Treehouse with her a few times, more or less telling her what to do with each roll. Recently, she realized that tactics within her grasp would give her a reasonably good chance of beating Dad! She immediately banned strategic hints and learned to read the words on the die herself. Now we play most nights, and she's telling me I'm scheduled to teach it to her kindergarten class. I have a very hard time playing any game at less than my full ability, so any game that lets Averill compete fairly with me without feeling like a coin flip is excellent." -- email from Rob Bryan

Adults love Treehouse
"Treehouse is one of the best games I have played. Why is that? It's fast, easy, and small. Whenever I go to a family function, you can guarantee that Treehouse is in my pocket. My son and I will play it while sitting around a table with other family members. Since the game is so simple, you can carry on a conversation with others while playing the game. It sure makes those functions go by faster." -- Troy Davidson's comment on a BGG thread called "The ever changing Treehouse of Icehouse"

"Most played this month was Treehouse with 25. I suspect this will be my most played game for many months to come. I keep a tube in my jacket pocket and take it out when the family is waiting for something, like at a restaurant, or the half hour between the kids' swimming lessons. It's a great time killer." -- Dean Maki's reply to a BoardGameGeek Geeklist Question: What game did you play most in January 2007?
"My favorite place in the world to play Treehouse is a bar. Not a gamer bar, not even necessarily a gamer-friendly bar. Just any bar you happen to be at. I introduced some of my closest friends to the wonders of all things pyramidal at just such a bar (a pub in England, actually) when we stopped in for a couple of pints after a soccer match. The progression from, 'What the hell?', through, 'Oooh.... pretty', to, 'So, how does this work?,' to finally (and repeatedly!), 'Let's play again!' was priceless. And has been repeated each time I've whipped out a tube at a bar. The best thing about pyramids and bars? The beer can't damage the plastic - not always true of Fluxx cards!" -- Avri Klemer, from a discussion on the Rabbit mailing list of the ideal gaming establishment

Teachers love Treehouse
"One of the teachers, after hearing a bit about the Icehouse system, decided she wanted to run a game design class in her classroom using Icehouse pieces. The idea was very well received by the rest of the people at our table, and generated more than a bit of buzz. I could have sold twice as much Treehouse as I was sent, after that." -- Trey Reilly, from her NAGC event report

"I have been taking some LL games with me to the boys' school classes. They have one class on Monday and one on Thursday. I end up playing a lot of Treehouse with the kids in the Study Hall. Usually they are around 5-7th grade. Today a little girl played. She is about 4. She usually just has fun stacking the pyramids on her own. But she played Treehouse today. She lucked in rolling the ones she understood -- HOP, TIP and SWAP usually. Being so young, none of the other players paid any attention to her. She won. She was SO THRILLED to beat all the big kids. Just thought I'd share." -- Kimberly Terrill, on our EDU mailing list
Retailers love Treehouse
"We have been demoing Treehouse in our store. It's great because it only takes about five minutes to demo and sales off of that five minute demo are quite good. The biggest problem is that our distributors are running out of Treehouse and the Playing with Pyramids book." -- Diana Outwater, The Game Habitat
"I have found that a demo copy of Treehouse on the counter and a 60 second demo game sells out more copies of Treehouse than any other game I demo. It is one of those games that has to be played in order to realize just how much fun it is. And as soon as you beat whomever you are demoing to, rest assured they will want a money in the bank." -- Eric J. Morgan, Critical Effect Games

Info for Retailers

Pink Treeouse is packaged in a convenient six-pack display, making it a great impulse buy at the cash register!

Text on the packaging that will get the product noticed:

  • Best Board Game of the Year - Origins Award Winner
  • Using Fun To Fight Breast Cancer!
  • 5% of Proceeds go to the FIGHT AGAINST BREAST CANCER

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