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I'm fully suited, crouching inside "Hardy", the six-foot sphere, holding tightly to a lamp post bolt. I can hear John Marketon twisting a nut onto the bolt from the other side. My hand aches.

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troilism (troy'lizm) n. sexual activity in which three persons take part simultaneously

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Gosford Park :)

Lots of characters,
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masterpiece theatre!

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Desperately Seeking Susan

Remember that episode of Gilligan's Island where Mary Anne gets hit on the head with a coconut and wakes up thinking she's Ginger? It's like that, except the island is Manhattan, it's a lamppost not a coconut, and it's Rosanna Arquette who wakes up thinking she's Madonna. Oh, and people are trying to kill her and stuff.

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I See Lowbrow People

"Fluxx is by far our best seller in non-collectible card games. A display of Fluxx should be by the cash register in every game and comic store." -- Mark Easterday, Vice President of Purchasing, Alliance Game Distributors

Thursday, January 31, 2002
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? The First Copy of PwP Has Arrived!

For months we've been working hard on publishing a book called Playing with Pyramids, itself the culmination of many years work, and this week, we received our first finished copy of the first print run! We're so excited!

We've published many different things over the years, including books of various styles, but the release of Playing with Pyramids marks our first publication of an actual, real book (as opposed to the xeroxed and stapled or spiral-bound books we've been turning out for years). So, we've been waiting with great anticipation for the finished books to be shipped to us from the Thomson-Shore printing plant, somewhere in Michigan,

Being impatient, we had them send us one copy of the book right away, via FedEx (the next best thing to teleportation). And it looks wonderful! It's beautiful and perfect and we're totally thrilled to have it. Of course, the rest of the shipment had to go the slow way, but hopefully ACMS (our warehousing & fulfillment partner) can begin filling orders for Playing with Pyramids by the beginning of next week, if not sooner!


Have a great week!

PS - Do you know anyone with heaps of money?
We're still looking for Investors...


the story so far

Thought Residue
We had an opportunity to pick up a really cool used literature rack, but it's huge, so to make room for it we've decided we need to get rid of one of our broken-down stand-up video-game machines. Anybody interested in buying a semi-functional Battlezone machine?
The Tick has been canceled, after only 5 episodes! But it was in a timeslot opposite Survivor, what did they expect? This is even more of a downer than when The Downer Channel was canceled after just 4 episodes...
"Consider the following axioms carefully: 'Everything's better when it sits on a Ritz,' and 'Everything's better with Blue Bonnet on it.' What happens when one spreads Blue Bonnet margarine on a Ritz cracker? The thought is frightening. Is this how God came into being? Try not to consider the fact that 'Things go better with Coke.'" -- Christopher Clark's email sig


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