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I open BBedit, a text editor, from the 'Recent Applications' part of my Mac's system menu. The phrase (Jeezy Peezy) is echoing in my mind, accompanied by imagery from the "Jeepers Creepers" episode of Mr. Show.

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bandicoot (ban'-di-koot) n. 1: a name given to Mus giganteus, a very large rat of India and Sri Lanka; it is as large as a rabbit and very destructive to growing crops 2: an Australian marsupial of the genus Perameles, resembling the bandicoot of India. from Indian pandi-kokku pig-rat

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Kiki's Delivery Service :|

Lots of panty shots...
Japanese animators
really creep me out.

Daddy-O's Reviews

Bedazzled [2000]

Like most remakes, this pales when compared to the original, but as long as you've seen the Peter Cook version, this one's also worth seeing. It's fun because they do different things with most of the wishes, with the last couple being quite refreshingly different. It's almost more like a sequel than a remake (either way the work of the devil, I suppose).

Tirade's Choice

How to build yourself a One Atmosphere Plasmoid

"One of my friends came over to play a few of our favorite games and popped Fluxx out of his pocket. We decided to give this (what seemed at the time) simple game a try. Draw One, Play one. What could be simpler? Seven games later I was hooked and had to have a copy of my own to add to my library of games. Now I am here to make some of my own cards to add to the set. I am also giving Chrononauts a try. Keep up the good work and imaginative concepts." -- Comments accompanying an order from a Space Monkey

Thursday, January 24, 2002
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Delays, Displays, and Mayo

Like I said a couple of weeks ago, we believe in impossible deadlines, but we also believe in accepting reality. To put it another way, earlier this week we realized there's just no way we can meet our goal of submitting the final art for Nanofictionary by February 1st. This means we won't have copies to hand out at the GAMA trade show, which is a bummer, but not a major one, since we'll have plenty of other cool stuff to show off there (in particular Playing with Pyramids, the printing of which, we're told, is nearly complete). But last week I tweaked the rules of play yet again, and Alison and I are still working on the art, and anyway Kristin doesn't have the cash needed to pay for the print run. So, much as we'd like to see this project finished up and into manufacturing, we're just going to have to put it off a little while longer.

We don't have the time to work on it right now anyway, since Toy Fair is just around the corner and we have a lot to do to prepare for that. One of our goals for Toy Fair is to be taking orders for our pair of new low-cost in-store display units, one for Icehouse (a mock-up of which is shown here) and one for the rest of our product line. Kristin has been working on developing these for quite some time, and as you can see it's really coming along... hopefully, it won't be long before something like this shows up in your favorite game store.

Other Toy Fair prep work we've been bogged down with includes making a new catalog and other propaganda (like maybe a Nanofictionary poster), and trying to set up appointments (like, in advance!) with buyers from major retailers we're hoping will start to carry one or more of our games. Our "Sales Baron" Alvaro will be helping us out in the booth during most of the show, and he's working the phones in advance to help insure that the right people stop by to talk to us during the event.

Plus of course, the website overhaul continues to run late, and we still haven't mailed out the new Geronimo Inquirer (but at least it's all printed and ready).

But in the good news category, Kristin has a new accountant! His name is Jon Mayo and he's actually a dude I went to High School with. He told me at our 20 year reunion that he's a CPA... now it looks like he's going to be our CPA! He and Kristin have had a couple of very productive meetings, and Kristin is thrilled to be getting his help in keeping track of our company's numbers.


Welcome to the World, Leo!
(...and congrats to you, Meg & Joe!)


the story so far

Thought Residue
Benji the snake and the mouse he didn't want to eat lived happily together for almost a week. At night, they'd curl up together under Benji's dishtowel, near the glass cage's heater. Then one day, the mouse just disappeared...
It turns out that it was actually Travis Larchuk who thought of playing the writing phase of Nanofictionary without turns. It just took five months of Alison telling us to try it before we realized what a good idea it was. Thanks Travis!
"When a waiter says 'good choice' after I order, I feel especially good, even proud. And when he says it to someone else, but not me, I feel as though I've failed some sort of restaurant pop quiz." -- Amy Krouse Rosenthal (whose brother Joe says there are two food groups: meat, and "no thanks"), in The Book of Eleven (an itemized collection of brain lint)


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