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Lying on my back in bed with a slight fever, wiggling my toes and daydreaming. -- Random scenes from The Wizard of Oz movie accompanied by garbled background thoughts of my Haiku Movie Review for Oz, while the daydream soundtrack plays some hardcore rock lyrics repeating over and over, "Off to never never land, off to never never land."

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narghile (alternate spellings: nargile, or nargileh) (nar'-guh-lee, or -lay) n. a tobacco pipe in which the smoke is drawn through water before reaching the lips; a hookah. from Persian nargil coconut, from which the bowl was formerly made

Haiku Reviews

Queen of the Damned :|

Oh no! Vampire Goths
run amok! Can we be saved
by Vampire Hippies?

Daddy-O's Reviews

The Time Machine (1960)

Although I'll admit to some sentimental fondness for George Pal's adaptation of the HG Wells classic, it really hasn't aged well. The special effects may have been Oscar-worthy back in 1960, but they're laughable by today's standards, and the script isn't much better. For a man smart and visionary enough to have invented and built a time machine by himself, Rod Taylor exhibits a surprising level of ignorance regarding the practical problems of traveling through time. About the only thing that still looks good to me in this version is the machine itself (plus a few bits of the distant future's architecture).

Tirade's Choice

Change the Climate

"I picked up Fluxx in game store then separately fell in love with Icehouse. When I found out that the same company made both I became a devotee. Now I'm giving your games as gifts." -- a web-customer named Charles

Thursday, February 28, 2002
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Three Kinds of Catalogs

Since I find myself with little else to talk about this week, here's a picture of our new Spring Catalog. It's the first time we've done a catalog in this small-book format, but as our product line has grown, so too has our need for a larger, more detailed catalog. This new booklet format is great, since we can expand it from 8 pages to 12 whenever we need that much more space.

However, we still have piles of last year's catalog, which is still pretty complete and has the added advantage of being in color, so depending on the whims of the people who pack our mail-order packages for us, you might get one of those in your order. Or, instead of either of those, you might get a micro-catalog, which is just the size of a playing card. (Of course, you might get one of those anyway... we've started including them everywhere we can think of.)

Since some of you might actually care which catalog you get, Kristin worked up a page which shows all three kinds, so you can select whatever type you want included when you order.


Have a Great Week!

Secret Message to Locals: We'll be playing/demoing our games at the New Deal Cafe in old Greenbelt on Tuesday (March 5) from 4 - 8pm.


the story so far

Thought Residue
The number for my new patent (for IceTowers) has finally been announced: it's 6,352,262!
Someone posted a Dvorak deck called "Time Machine" which is an obvious rip-off of Chrononauts, and didn't even give me any credit!
[Update: After I posted this, they gave me a link...]
"Before you try putting your best foot forward, make sure it hasn't been in your mouth recently." -- Liam Bryan, on the Rabbits mailing list, under "Tips for getting to playtest new games, #1: Don't be a nidgit."


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