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I'm wearing a bandana on my face, and looking for the backscratcher in our bedroom. I pick up a short dowel. (If I tape a little hook to it, maybe it'll do the job.)

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palliate (pal'-ee-ate) 1. to make (an offense or crime) seem less serious; extenuate 2. to make less severe or intense; mitigate 3. to relieve the symptoms of a disease or disorder (but not cure it). from Latin pallium cloak

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8.5 Women :|

After dozing off,
I woke and found the movie
weirder than my dreams.

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Peggy Sue Got Married

Peggy Sue passes out at a high school reunion in the eighties, and wakes up back in high school in the sixties, with all her memories intact. It reminds me of the excellent book by Ken Grimwood called Replay (now there's an adaptation I'd like to see) except that, instead of getting to live her whole life over again, Peggy Sue's trip to the past covers only a few days. Conveniently enough, the wacky-hat wearing lodge her grandfather belonged to was founded 600 years earlier by a time traveler, and they just happened to have a ready-to-use ritual for sending someone back in time to the place where they belonged...

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They Fight Crime!

"My plastic Icehouse pieces are the single most valuable gaming components I own." -- Kevan Davis, one of the authors of the Dvorak "Time Machine" deck

Thursday, March 7, 2002
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Gaming with Youngsters at the New Deal Cafe

On Tuesday afternoon, we held a little gaming session at a local coffeeshop called the New Deal Cafe. We'd been asked/invited to come teach our games to some neighborhood kids (notably a loose network of homeschooled children), but even so we were surprised by the ages of the kids who showed up, since by and large they were 5-7 year olds, not the junior high-aged kids we'd been told to expect.

Since we have no children ourselves and design our games to be enjoyable first and foremost by our own gaming groups, a lot of our games aren't really very well suited to the under-8 crowd. Still, we were there to play games, so we started with our easiest game, Aquarius, which we know kids of that age do well with. Then we tried Q-Turn, which worked fine (particularly with me doing all the disk rotations for them) and which they seemed to like a lot (particularly that one kid who was so into "creating chaos"). By using a turn-based variation, I was even able to play a round of IceTowers with these kids (though by then it was becoming obvious even to me that they needed to stop for food).

Finally, some older kids arrived, and we were able to start playing other games, like Chrononauts, Gnostica, and of course, Fluxx. The younger kids wandered on home, but we continued to play games with whoever was around until that evening, when we were driven from the place by a live reading of Beowulf. It was fun!

Other than that, we've mainly just been getting ready for the GAMA Trade Show (GTS), which is taking place very soon in Las Vegas. Among other things, we've been assembling lots of copies of our new game Are You A Werewolf?, redesigning the countertop display we've been designing for in-store use, and (finally!) getting around to restocking those little buttons we used to sell, and packaging them as sets of three, so that we can offer them for sale through stores! More on those stories later...Andy

Have a Great Week!


the story so far

Thought Residue
We got a call this week from a company wanting to buy our mailing list, offering us a significant amount of money for it. You will be happy to know that Kristin turned them down and told them never to bother asking again.
"The only time you will hear me use terms such as 'War On Drugs' and 'Just Say No' is to denigrate them." -- Dr. Richard Simpson, Scotland's drugs minister, who declared last weekend that the 30-year war on drugs is now officially over in that country
"Dude, you're harshing my mellow." -- an old expression I picked up recently


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