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We're on I-95, Bruce is driving, I'm in the front passenger seat. Kory, from the back seat, says, "Those were the days."
I say, "Yep."
He says, "Party every night."

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nares (nair'-eez) n. pl. (singular: naris) the nostrils or the nasal passages

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Dogs: The Rise and Fall of an All Girl Bookie Joint :|

Novel shower scenes
and interesting characters
gamble with bad sound.

Daddy-O's Reviews

Daddy-O really wanted to go see the new version of The Time Machine this week, but because of a big cooking project, he just couldn't find the time.

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"I love this so much in Chrononauts, I have given people artifacts they wanted just for patching the paradox even when it wasn't my goal. It just makes me happy." -- Stephanie Clarkson, after suggesting some new card ideas on the Fluxx mailing list: Keepers called "Fairgoers" and "German Cake" and a Goal to go with them called "Fairgoers Love German Cake"

Thursday, March 14, 2002
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Just Go See What's On The Stove

Here's a picture of Tirade posing with our new all-purpose literature/catalog envelopes, which feature his likeness. We just got these in, and soon we'll be stuffing our catalogs and literature into these, to be handed out at the GAMA Trade Show in Vegas next week.

Other than that, I have nothing much to say here, because I put everything I could think of about our current plans into a big new edition of What's on the Stove. So go read that.

Have a Great Week!

Note: Because of the GAMA Trade Show, this page won't be updated again until March 28th. 

the story so far

Thought Residue
Our housekeeper Rosa had her baby! Welcome to the world, Vanessa!
We have a new investor! Thanks for your support, Karl!
"That some of these original fears were unfounded and that others were exaggerated has been clear for many years. Yet, many of these early beliefs continue to affect contemporary public attitudes and concerns." -- one of the findings of fact in the Shafer Commission report (officially known as "Marihuana: A Signal of Misunderstanding: The First Report of the National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse"), whose recommendation to decriminalize pot was ignored by congress when this report was released, 30 YEARS AGO!!!


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