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I open the car door while quickly glancing around the perimeter of the lot, whisper-singing to myself "...where women glow and men plunder..." from a song by Men At Work. I toss a bag containing two windshield wipers into the passenger seat, get into the driver's seat and close the door.

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colporteur (koll'-port-ur) n. a person who travels to sell or publicize Bibles, religious tracts, etc. from French col neck + porter to carry - in other words, to carry on the neck, or hawk

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Tadpole :|

In this episode
of Three's Company, Jack's son
hits on his step mom!

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Showdown with Iraq and the Search for the Sniper

Sorry, all I've been watching this week is the news.

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The Generosity Game

Thursday, October 17, 2002
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? A New War Approaches

Over the weekend we went up to Pittsburgh to help Dan and 'Becca warm their new house. We had a lovely time. Anyway, during the party, we had occasion to play a few rounds of Fluxx, and when the War card came up, someone told us an anecdote. It seems there was this kid who didn't understand the card's image of an atomic mushroom cloud. "Why does the War card have a picture of a tree?" she asked.

It's not the first time I've heard this... in fact, I've heard it enough times now that this was the last straw. It's true, the image does look like a tree. And with the Cold War long over, it doesn't even seem now like the best icon with which to symbolize War. It certainly doesn't seem to be very recognizable to today's younger set. Therefore, I've decided to replace it with a different image the next time we reprint Fluxx.

So, with talk of a new war on everybody's minds, I decided to draw this picture of a tank. (Trivia question for any military history geeks who read this page: what type of tank inspired this sketch? If you think you know, or just want the answer, send me email.)

Some of you may be wondering if we have other changes in mind for the next printing of Fluxx... and the answer is yes. But everything else about that is currently secret.

Here are some other bits of news:

  • Zendo has officially fallen behind schedule. We had hoped to bring it out in time for Christmas, but after a reality check we decided to aim for Toy Fair (in mid-Feb) instead.
  • We found ourselves with 2 spare card slots going to waste on a new b&w card printing task Carta Mundi is currently working on for us, and we literally had only a few hours to come up with something to fill them. Luckily, I had an idea: Good/Evil markers for Homeworlds!
  • Despite personal opposition, we have decided to call blank cards for Nanofictionary "Nanoblanks" instead of "Nano-Blanxx". [Results of the survey: "Blanxx" got only half as many votes as "blanks".]

AndyBe careful out there...



the story so far

Thought Residue
Congrats and good luck to our friend Keith Baker! He's one of 3 finalists (chosen from 11,000 entrants) in WotC's "Fantasy Setting Search" and stands to receive a $100,000 prize (and instant name recognition in the RPG community) if he wins!
Icehouse Historian Eeyore Evans got a new scanner and put the OCR software to the test by scanning in Issues 1-13 of Hypothermia, as published by our predecessor company, Icehouse Games. Go admire his lovely archive, and see how far we've come since 1989!
"If nothing else, Sept. 11 should have taught us that freedom has real enemies and that college kids sitting in their dorm room sharing a joint and listening to Pink Floyd aren't remotely among them." -- Bradley R. Gitz, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 2002

"I'm hooked. You're weird. Thank you for being so." -- Peter J, of Copenhagen, via e-mail


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