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The Socktopus

"So what you need to do," says Chris Welsh, "is schmooze into them and say, 'hey it'd be neat to sit in with you,' and find some way to be subtle and fit into whatever's happening then."

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exiguous (egg-zig'-you-us) adj. small; slender; minute; diminutive.

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Die Another Day :|

It's Austin Powers
made on a bigger budget,
but without the laughs.

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Rooting Out Evil

Here. Now.

"My son received Fluxx as a birthday present last month. This weekend, we introduced the game to my brothers, who were visiting for the thanksgiving holiday. What a blast! Even the most reserved of my brothers was giggling like a young one. The best part was that the children and the adults actually played together, and the tv was off for quite some time. Of course, everyone wants to buy several sets as holiday gifts." -- Email from Louis M

Thursday, December 5, 2002
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Yikes! The Holidays Are Upon Us!

So all of a sudden, it's winter (we're getting snowed in as I type this) and Christmas is less than three weeks away. Where does the time go?

Since it's now that time of year when many of us write those letters, telling our friends and loved ones how the year has been, that's what we've been doing this week. Our version of the annual holiday letter has for many years now been a little booklet of news, called the Geronimo Inquirer, and this year's will be issue #7. It's all done and ready to go to the printers... as soon as we figure out who we're going to give the job to, and how many copies we need to make. After that, all we'll need to do to get ready for the holidays (aside from baking and decorating) will be to write up a few wishlists and do all of the necessary shopping! And, oh yeah... run our business. But happily, having long since outsourced fulfillment, our friends at ACMS will be doing all the work of shipping out all the games you've been buying from us, so don't let my whining about being busy keep you from placing an order in our shopping center! (And thank you to everyone who already has!)

Speaking of which, last week we officially launched SuperFRED, and things have been going really very well. 65 Rabbits got in on our pre-launch deal, earning a bunch of extra Rabbit Points by setting their accounts up (including bio and photo) in time for the official launch, and at this point, we have over a hundred Rabbits registered. Yay! Thanks everyone! The extra good news is that you'll all be receiving the new Geronimo Inquirer, sometime next week or so. We'd like to send out copies to much more than just to you loyal few... in fact, we're contemplating sending it to all of the thousands of customers who've shopped in our webstores during the last few years. It's unclear at this moment if that will be possible. Kristin and her programmers went to great lengths to import all of the addresses from the old (i.e. non-super) FRED we were using before, but with everything else we have going on right now (not to mention the expense) we're not sure how widely the new issue will be mailed. However, you can be certain that everyone who has registered with SuperFRED will get a copy. (So if you haven't registered yet, today would be a good time.)

By the way, the photo you see here, of myself and the fabulous long-haired ladies I live with, was taken (using the timer on my Nikon) for the program book they'll be printing soon for Arisia. Don't we look cute? (We're going to be Guests of Honor! Isn't that cool!)


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the story so far

Thought Residue
Here's a movie I'd like to see: a big budget remake (or should I say, authentic adaptation) of HG Wells' "The War of the Worlds" set (as it originally was) in Victorian, England. Naturally, the Martian war machines would be massive metal-legged tripods, not those flying stingrays seen in the George Pal version from the fifties.

"Let's take a look at some of the rather serious contradictions the war on drugs creates for its Republican supporters. First, we Republicans are adamant defenders of the Constitution to the point of striving to appoint and elect judges who will respect that document.  Yet the war on drugs makes a mockery of many of our constitutionally protected rights." -- Darren O'Connor, "Confused About Drug War"
"History has shown us that strength may be useless when it comes to terrorism." -- Captain Jean-Luc Picard (of the Starship Enterprise)


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