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The Pathon

"John, did you finish your food?" asks Gina, and I show her the closed tub of pasta in my hand.

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pulvinar (puhl-vine'-ar) adj. of, relating to, or like a pillow or pad; resembling a cushion or pillow.

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Punch Drunk Love :)

It puts the manic
in romantic, otherwise
it would just be rot.

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"A friend showed Fluxx to us and we played it for three days straight! We love this game!!" -- Jenn B. of Durham, CT, in comments accompanying an order

Thursday, December 19, 2002
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Happy New Year!

The holidays are here, and that means there's a tree in our house again. It's happened so often, I decided to write up a page documenting the history of our annual holiday trees. And between researching that and getting ready for this year's celebrations, I've been too busy to do much else. Therefore, this week's article is already over.

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(PS - There will be no update next Thursday... it's National Play Week!)


Thought Residue
"As a former CEO, Dad was most comfortable making decisions -- okay, giving orders. As he spiraled deeper into the miasma of Alzheimer's, the staff let him sit in on their daily meetings. He was sure he was running them; they accepted that. There is a special knack to working with Alzheimer's patients: Treat them with respect and dignity. They may be confused, but they recognize fear or patronizing behavior." -- Barbara Geehan, on her experiences in a study of people with relatives who have AD (which Kristin's parents are also part of), "An Uncertain Inheritance", The Washington Post, 12/12/2

"In a report to be published in the scientific journal Neuroscience Letters, Dr. Nathaniel Milton, a biochemist at London's Royal Free and University College London Medical School, will present research that suggests cannabinoids may help ward off the onset of Alzheimer's disease and lessen its effects in those who have it." -- High Times magazine, Feb 2003, page 13
"If you're having trouble figuring out how to deal with a child in a game, try thinking of him as a stoned adult. It's not polite to draw attention to his being stoned, so just explain patiently and expect some weird lapses of judgment and the occasional flash of surprising insight." --'Becca Stallings, on the Origins planning mailing list, in a discussion about children at the Big Experiment


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