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Babette's Feast :|

Slightly tastier
than Babette's long-term, low-yield
municipal bonds.

Tirade's Choice

The DM of the Rings

"Family Fluxx has been flying off the shelves... and the family loves playing it too! The grandkids put down their Gameboys - for an entire weekend!" -- Herrick at Riverwood (one of our retailers, in upstate NY)


"Thursday" November 23rd, 2006
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What's New?

What's Going On? Holiday Special Banner Ads

Happy Holidays everyone! For the past several days we've been celebrating, with many big dinners (not just for Thanksgiving, but also Robin's Birthday) which is why this site is so late.

With the holiday season now officially underway, we are officially too busy to think. Kristin in particular is going bonkers right now, working on deleting bad records and merging duplicates in our database, pulling together the mailing addresses for this year's big holiday gift mailing. The mailing should go out next week!

We've got lots of other tasks & projects afoot, but I'll mention just one other at this time: Banner Ads! Although we historically have bought very little ad space, we've decided this month to experiment with commercial banner ads for our Holiday Specials at BoardGameGeek.com, a site where lots of gamers go and where ad space is fairly affordable.

Visitors to BoardGameGeek may already have noticed one or more of our ads, since our first batch is already in rotation at their website. To see the whole set, check out the Looney Labs Banner Ad page. (And check back again later, since this is just the first bunch I made, and I've got others planned.)

As noted on the Looney Labs Banner Ad page, we're on the lookout for other places to place our ads. We have almost zero experience with this sort of advertising, so if anyone has any suggestions on web sites we should be trying to get onto (particularly if they're free or cheap), please let us know!

Please help us get the word out about our online holiday specials!

Regular readers may wonder about this new approach... we always try to encourage our fans to buy our games in their local game store, to support the stores who stock our games... why are we now trying to drive people to our web store? The reality is, many people now prefer to buy their holiday gifts online, and we want to try to encourage these online buyers to buy from *us* when they give our games as gifts this holiday season.

The painful truth is, we really need the cash. Kristin and I currently own 100% of Looney Labs, but that will likely be changing next year. We need to activate Plan B, which is to sell off part of the company to raise much needed capitol (but please don't ask Kristin for more details right now... ) The point is, it's now more important than ever for us to have the best sales we can possibly muster this holiday season. Therefore, we are promoting our online holiday specials in every way we can, while we also continue to promote sales of our games in the wonderful stores who sell them. Thank you again to all our Rabbits who have been out doing demos of our games at their local game stores!

AndyIf you love our games, please help us promote them! If you are active with an online audience, please remind them how cool our games are, and tell them about our online specials. Tell your friends and family! All those people in your life whom you have given our games to over the years, please let them know about these great specials, and remind them that Looney Labs Games make great gifts.

Thanks for reading, and wish us luck on big sales the next few weeks!

PS: Since this week's site was so very late and we're too busy to think, we've decided to skip the next update of this page. See you December 7th!

Thought Residue
I'm sad that Milton Friedman died... not only was he an outspoken critic of the war on drugs, as a Nobel Prize winner, he was also one of those impossible to dismiss, highly credible voices we need so badly on our side in this fight. (Three years ago, I used a 1972 quote from him on this page.) It's a bummer to have lost him, but what I'm really disappointed about is the way his death was covered. Time and Newsweek both ran big articles on him in their "Appreciation" sections (a one pager in Time: "Milton Friedman, Freedom Fighter" and two full pages in Newsweek: "A Man of Ideas in the Arena") but neither article mentioned his decades-long dedication to ending drug prohibition. It's really annoying how Big Media always censors criticism of the Drug War, and it's especially sad in this case because I feel certain Milton would have wanted this message highlighted in these summaries of his life & radical viewpoints.
"The thinking is this: This is a big group of people. They are not going away. You can't incarcerate them all. You can't drive them out of the state. So they are here. What do we do about it?" -- Mark L. Shurtleff, Utah's Attorney General, regarding the movement to legalize polygamy, seen quoted in a Washington Post article, "Polygamists Fight to Be Seen As Part of Mainstream Society"

"Another reason to stop caging people for using cannabis that isn't mentioned is because the Bible indicates God created all the seed-bearing plants, saying they are all good, on literally the very first page (see Genesis 1:11-12 and 29-30). The only Biblical restriction placed on cannabis is that it be accepted with thankfulness (1 Timothy 4:1-5)." -- Stan White, "God Says It's OK To Smoke Pot"

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