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The Octopurse

Cool Words

(ey'-bee-see-dair'-ee-un) adj. 1a: of or relating to the alphabet. b: alphabetically arranged. 2: rudimentary.

Blue Man Group on "Earth To America!"

Tirade's Choice

Botched Paramilitary Police Raids: An Epidemic of "Isolated Incidents"

"My Fiancée has Fluxx 2.1 and he would like the upgrade for Christmas. The game is a blast. It even helped him form a geeky game bond with my dad!" -- Comments with an order from Gillian V of Centreville, VA


Thursday, December 14th, 2006
Sponsored by Looney Labs

What's New?

If you want something from our online store before Christmas, the deadline is upon us! December 21st is our final pre-Xmas ship day! And don't forget our Holiday Specials!

What's Going On? This Year's Holiday Gift

Well, it seems like most people have gotten their copies by now, so the time has come to tell everyone else about the really cool thing we just mailed out to around 6000 of our fans and customers.

Much like last year's gift, the mailing consisted of a holiday greeting card with something special tucked inside.

The front of the card featured the cartoons shown here. Below you can see what's inside the card: a promo Martian Coaster, in a new color: Black!

On the back of the card are these instructions on How to use your new promo coaster:

  • As is: Just park your beverage on it!
  • As a game component: Get Martian Coasters and Treehouse (plus a standard die), and up to five people can play!
  • 5 player setup: Place all the coasters together as shown. Make 5 mixed-color Trees and put each onto the center of a coaster of a color not included in that Tree.
  • To find the game store nearest you that sells our products, please visit: ROSTER.LOONEYLABS.COM

We mailed these out free to everyone with an account in our system, but even after a monumental effort by Kristin to get our database cleaned up and purged of duplicate and known bad addresses, we've gotten a pile of returns, and we keep hearing from this person or that, about not having gotten theirs yet. But it sounds like most people have gotten theirs, and everyone seems to be enjoying them, so Happy Holidays! (And if you didn't get one, or you need more, leftovers are available now in our webstore!)

TAndyhanks for reading, and remember, games make great gifts!

Thought Residue
I'm really enjoying this book by Steve Almond called CandyFreak. Being a candy freak myself, and also a professional Game Designer, I'm intrigued by the realization that there's a similarly rare and desirable job out there, which only a lucky few (and yet, more than you might think) get to say is their job: Candy Bar Designer. In the chapter entitled "There Are Men Upon This Earth Who Tread Like Gods," there's a story from Dave Bolton (inventor of the Five Star Bar, whose official title is Chocolate Engineer) about being offered "the best piece of candy you've ever eaten" and replying that he was actually the inventor of the candy bar the guy was offering him. Wow, that's even cooler than me finding a group of strangers playing Fluxx!

"Is Time Real?" -- cryptic question posed by a sign seen on an overpass last week in Morgantown West Virginia

"Like Iraq, the drug war has been pressing ahead at enormous cost and destruction without a pause for an honest assessment of whether the tactics are working, or will ever work. Yet while it only took three years for the American people to lose patience with the Iraq War, the drug war has been dragging on virtually unchallenged for three decades. Given the cost, it's baffling that taxpayers haven't demanded more accountability.  State and federal drug fighting efforts cost roughly $1 billion a week. Here's the return on that money: Zero.  Despite keeping more than 300,000 people locked up for drug offenses, narcotics use has held steady for 20 years." -- Nolan Finley, "Subject Drug War To The Iraq War Test"

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