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Thursday, March 8th, 2007

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The U.S. vs. John Lennon :)

This film's style is too
"VH-1 behind the scenes"
for such a great man.

David Armand - Torn

Tirade's Choice

Galactus is Coming!

"I played Fluxx with some friends in 2000. Now I play with my 5 year old daughter." -- Heather G of Woodland Hills, CA

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Please Take Our Fluxx Survey!
As I mentioned last week and the week before, we've been doing a lot of thinking lately about what else Fluxx fans have in common. To that end, we are this week unveiling our new Fluxx Consumer Survey. We're trying to get everyone who's ever played Fluxx to fill this out, NOT just those who love Fluxx, since there are many questions on many topics and we want a well rounded measure of opinions, so please, if you've ever played Fluxx and you've got a few minutes, please go take our consumer survey. As our way of saying thanks for your time, we'll give you $2 off you next order at our webstore!

IMPORTANT NOTE to Firefox users: Survey Monkey has a known problem with the Firefox browser, if you have easy access to another browser, you should use that browser to take the survey. You can take this survey with Firefox, but it has this odd jumping around display problem when clicking check boxes sometimes. It works, but it's annoying.

AndyAnyway, that's the latest news on all of that. To find out what else I've been doing this week, go watch my three latest videos. Thanks for playing our games!

PS: Have you gotten a Computer yet?

Thought Residue
No sooner had I announced that I'd broken my new watch, when all of a sudden it started ticking again. Wow! It's a self-repairing time machine! Unfortunately, while the analog element is running again, the digital component has a tendency to randomize its values every couple of days. So I still need to get a more shock-resistant replacement at some point...

After a lot of wheedling from Icehouse fans, I dug into my ancient files to find out the exact mathematical formula we used in 1990 to determine the standard dimensions of the three Icehouse pyramids. The final formula was hammered out by John's brother Kit, after a detailed analysis of the hand-made pyramids in the first 100 game sets. Here's the equation:

BaseSize = 4 / 7 FaceHeight = [ 4 + (2 ^ PipCount-1) ] / 8
I loved last week's Lost, in which Hurley finds an old VW microbus in the jungle and tinkers it back into life. (Sure, it couldn't have happened anywhere except on Lost's strange magical island, but if any car could endure that much time in a rainforest without maintenance and still work, it'd be the VW.) The climax involved that glorious trick for roll-starting a car with a stick-shift, by pushing it down a hill and popping the clutch at the right moment. This scene struck a resonant chord with me (as well as anyone else who's ever had to ask their girlfriend to push a cranky old car to get it started), and the scene also makes a great analogy for the current struggle we are in: will we succeed in getting the car that is Looney Labs to "start" (i.e. become profitable) before we run out of time (i.e. money) and end up smashed into the rocks at the bottom of the hill? I'm confident that we'll make it, but of course, I have the faith of Hurley: I too believe that you make your own luck.

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