The Icehouse Handbook Online

You can play lots of games with an Icehouse set.

This is the original.


Part 2

[10] Maria continues her wave of attacks, icing piece 6 with a 2 pointer.

[11] Torrence regears his fortress construction plans. He sets out a 2 point piece defensively, planning now to encircle piece 7 in the same way he attempted to encircle piece 3 earlier.

[12] Maria again sees what Torrence is up to and again attacks the piece which Torrence is attempting to isolate inside a fortress.

[13] Now Torrence shifts gears entirely. Instead of continuing to build fortress walls by sacrificing his own defenders, he decides to restructure an attack. He brings out his prisoner (given him before the game as a mutual handicap) and over-ices himself in the attack on piece 7. Since he owns piece 7, and piece 7 is now over-iced, he can capture either piece 12 or piece 13.




Copyright © 1991 by Andrew Looney and John Cooper

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