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Part 3

[12-2] Torrence captures piece 12. He doesn't put it on his pad though, he just repositions it. He turns it so that it attack piece 11, thereby blocking the attack of piece 13 on piece 7. Torrence finally has a fortress now (piece 7) and he got it by squandering an enemy attack.

[14] While Torrence is busy tinkering around with piece 12, Maria decides to build a fortress of her own. First she puts down a big piece to wall off a lot of territory.

[15] Moving as quickly as possible after playing 14, Maria plays a small piece to finishing walling off a fortress containing piece 1.

[16] Looking things over, Maria quickly realizes two things. Piece 4 is wide open, but it can easily be protected by putting a piece into the gap between 14 and 8. Furthermore, the fortress she just built to contain piece 1 is vulnerable; all Torrence needs to do to crack her fortress is to over-ice piece 2 and capture piece 5. Of course, Torrence used his only prisoner a minute or so earlier, but if he got another one she'd be in trouble. Therefore another fortress would be prudent. After realizing all of this, Maria plays piece 16 to protect piece 4.




Copyright © 1991 by Andrew Looney and John Cooper

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