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Part 4

17] After restructuring the attack on piece 7, Torrence now realizes that he can easily block off all attacks on piece 9 by playing a single piece. He uses a 3 pointer.

[18] Meanwhile, Maria has examined Torrence's handiwork and observed that although piece 12-2 is squandered (2 points vs. 2 points, ties go to the defender) she can salvage the attack by bringing more firepower to bear on piece 11.

[19] Next, both Torrence and Maria see big, juicy 3 point enemy pieces standing helpless and unassailed. They each launch attacks. Maria attacks piece 17.

[20] Torrence attacks piece 14.

Note: Plays 19 and 20 were simultaneous.

[21] Since 17 is a three pointer, more firepower is needed to ice it. Maria attacks piece 17 again.

[22] Same deal for piece 14. Torrence attacks piece 14 again.

Note: Plays 21 and 22 were simultaneous.




Copyright © 1991 by Andrew Looney and John Cooper

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