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Part 5

[23] A brief lull occurs. Maria still has her prisoner, but see's no good uses for it. Torrence does have some good attack possibilities, but he's got another maneuver on his mind. After studying the terrain for a short bit, he decides to attempt an ice trap. He plays piece 23, a 3 pointer, deep inside an alcove.

[24] Maria falls for the trap, and slides a big attack piece into position, attacking the bait, piece 23.

[25] Torrence closes the trap, blocking all other attacks on piece 23 with piece 25. Attack piece 24 is squandered. Maria groans. She wishes vainly for a way to get another attack piece in at piece 23. She picks up her last 3 pointer and tries to sneak it into a spot that will work. She tests a few positions, holding the piece this way and that but never letting go of it, until at last she concludes that she can't do it. There's just not enough room to get the piece in without crashing. Maria reflects glumly that if she had a one point piece, she'd be able to fit it into the required space with no problem... but since she has nothing left except a big three pointer, she can't get at piece 23. She gives up, and puts her piece back on her stash pad.

[26] Torrence, having watched all of this, puts attack piece 26 into position, attacking piece 16 and closing off all access to piece 23 once and for all.

[27] Maria now decides it's time to use her prisoner. She plays it so that it over-ices her piece 14. She now can capture either 20, 22, or the one she just played, 27.




Copyright © 1991 by Andrew Looney and John Cooper

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