The Office of Public Relations

This is the part of Andy's Brain that concerns itself with his image, his appearance, what others think of him, his reputation, and so forth. The office looks more or less like any modern workplace, with modular furniture, pastel carpets, potted ferns and conference chairs with 5 wheels.

The office looks to be pretty large, but you can't go beyond the lobby without getting past the receptionist who sits at the front desk. You crane your neck to look beyond her, and you see various middle managers and marketing experts wearing business suits and discussing PR issues in hushed voices. You catch a glimpse of Kristin among them, providing her opinion. "Andy can wear that if he wants to," you hear her saying with a shrug, "but it clashes really badly!"

On display here in the lobby are carefully framed mementos of several of the department's biggest successes. These include the Games 100 listings for Icehouse and Icebreaker, the original artwork for issue #1 of Emperor of da Universe comix, and a handwritten mimeographed flyer, given out by some of Andy's peers in high school, proclaiming April 1st to be Andy Looney Day, upon which day everyone should wear a Hawaiian shirt.

The receptionist smiles brightly at you. "Won't you please sign our guest book" she asks.

From here you can go to the Dream Control Center , the Ego, or the Erogenous Zone. Or you can look at the map.

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