The Dream Control Center

This room is similar to the Control Center, which makes sense since this is essentially a backup control room. During the night, when Andrew Looney is asleep, this room takes over all normal functions of the brain. While the rest of the brain is used by the conscious mind, and controlled by the primary Control room, Andy's subconscious mind operates in Dreamland and is controlled by this room. Here, dream data is collected, sorted, cataloged, and analyzed.

There are dozens of video monitors located throughout this room. You glance around at them, and you see all sorts of things: a roller coaster, what looks to be a giant donut with the Empire State Building stuck through it, Kristin, a 1930's style roadster, an old steam locomotive, the Hubble Space Telescope, a cluster of pyramids floating in the sky, the Titanic, Stonehenge, a nuclear explosion, and a Ouija board.

An antinque computer line printer, vintage 1975, sits in one corner. Occassionally, when Andy has a particularly vivid dream, a transcript of the dream is output to this printer. A dream from January 16, 1997, is lying on the floor under the printer.

Kristin is sitting in a chair here, reading a book on dream interpretation.

From here you can go to Dreamland, the Id , the Funny Bone , the Diner, the Office of Public Relations, or the Erogenous Zone. Or you can look at the map.

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