Plush Iceland Characters

These cute little stuffed pyramid toys were first created in 1992 by Carol Kocian, to be simply Icehouse pieces brought to life, for sale at the Fourth International Icehouse Tournament. They proved to be very popular, and were often seen riding around on people's shoulders during the convention, and at others afterwards.

Over the years, we've often kept one or two of these soft little guys around on our desk, or sitting on our monitors, to keep us company and remind us that pyramids are cool. We had them with us at Magnet when we were working on Icebreaker, where we used them for thinking through the ways in which pyramid-beings might walk.

For years, they've been unavailable, but the plush pyramids are finally back, now styled to match the characters in the weekly e-comic Iceland. They are each about 9 inches tall, hand-made from colored cloth and lightly stuffed, with a small bean-bag on the bottom to help them land right side up.

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Daddy-O naturally sports his cool shades. $15.00

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Aquarius features custom-tie-dyed purple tinting. $15.00

The Kids
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The kids, Orangina and her brother, are sold as a pair. (We wouldn't want to split up a pair of kids.) $20.00

The Rest
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The others, Yeller, Teal, Cobalt, and Indigo, are all priced the same, and are colored as their names suggest. $12.00

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Of course, no set of plush Iceland characters would be complete without the star, Tirade the broccoli. What with his arms and that protuberant nose of his, he's a more difficult stuffed toy to create, and is therefore a bit more expensive. Tirade Sprouts are individually numbered, and we like to keep track of where they end up. $60.00



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