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Thursday, April 5th, 2007

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monkey/pony monster & leadership 101 - lesson 326: finding criminals

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Scent of a Woman :)

A feel-good movie
for that dirty old blind man
inside all of us.

Earth Day 2007

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Strange Maps

"My friend just introduced Fluxx to me, and I have to say... It is one of the best games I have ever played. We are all hooked. I am very picky about what games I play, and Fluxx is close to the best game ever. I just wanted to say thank you for inventing such an awesome product, and it is now my goal to collect as many Fluxx decks and promo cards that I can." -- email from Davy

Andy Looney Is Now Totally Available!

I don't know his name, but the guy shown here (with my bearded evil twin) is the first Fluxx Fan ever to request an official Andy Looney autograph. It happened at that very successful and memorable first Looney Labs booth, at Origins in 1997. It was a defining moment for me... even though we were already thrilled with the reactions we were getting to Fluxx, being asked for an autograph took things right up to the next level. We really knew we were onto something with this game! (This guy was also the first person to put his Fluxx cards into a set of those clear plastic sleeves CCG players use.)

It's hard to tell but the card I'm holding up is the Keeper called Chocolate. Grabbing the Chocolate was my immediate impulse, and for years thereafter that was always the card I'd sign when people asked me to autograph their Fluxx deck.

By 2003, I was getting The Request often enough that I decided to create a special card just for the purpose of being autographed, and thus was born the Andy Looney Keeper.

For the past 4 years I've been playing this coy game with my fans, whereby the only way to get one of these cards was to find me in person and ask for my autograph, at which point I would bring forth a card, sign it just for you, and give it away for nothing. I still plan on doing that, but now for the first time, I'm letting collectors who really want one (and don't anticipate ever getting to see me in person) buy an un-autographed copy of this card.

While the Andy Looney card is now totally available, getting an autographed copy will be just as difficult as before. Having decided to relent, and allow collectors to simply buy this card, I've also decided to become totally strict about signing autographs only in person. So don't go thinking you can buy one of these cards and then mail it to me with a SASE asking me to sign it and send it back.

In case you can't read the fine print, the card says "Not valid without Andy's autograph" and "Counts as the Brain." Up until now, there haven't been any non-valid Andy Looney cards in circulation, but now that we're making them available this way, I feel compelled to explicitly note that if this card is in use without my authentic signature, it does NOT count as the Brain.

As for the availability of the real Andy Looney, well, being happily married and a dedicated hermit, I'm actually not very available. But I do come out of my cave now and then... for example, if you want to invite me to be the Guest of Honor at your convention, I'll have a difficult time saying no. If you're planning an event you want me to attend, check out the recently-revised page about How to Invite The Looneys to be Guests at your Convention.

AndyAnyway, thanks for reading, and have a great week!

Thought Residue
I've been posting little movies on YouTube for several months now (I've got 21 videos on their site at this point) and throughout that time, the very first one I did ("Hand Limit Question") has continued to be my most popular one (judging by number of views). But suddenly, we have a new chart-topper: "Cooking with the Emperor: Pop Tarts" has as of today been viewed 1120 times, pushing the Hand Limit video, with 1098 views, into 2nd place. So, what does this mean? What exactly do people like so much about this particular video? Is it cooking shows in general? The Emperor's personality ? Or simply the fact that people love Pop-Tarts?

I got my first real Royal Flush last week! Obviously I won the hand, though looking back on it now I think I could have played it better. I should have just called him when John raised me on the turn, rather than re-raising all-in...he didn't think I'd gotten the Royal Flush, but he realized I had him beat, and he folded. I think I'd have gotten more of his money if I'd played it cooler and just called his raise. But I can't really complain... I got a Royal Flush!
"The rampant corruption of the criminal justice system spawned by the $400 billion-a-year black market could be ended with the stroke of a pen. So also would be the wholesale devastation we have brought to other countries. Countries like Colombia, where we send billions of dollars of military aid and spray hundreds of thousands of acres of populated land with dangerous herbicides in a country with nearly a million displaced people. And each military campaign or spraying is like a squeezing a balloon; production merely shifts to another site or goes into a temporary hiatus. It is time for an honest dialogue on this issue. Time to stop the documented lies, half-truths, and propaganda that got us into this mess in the first place. It is time to face the facts." -- Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich, from the Drug War section of the Issues pages at his campaign website

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