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Thursday, January 24th, 2008

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Cool Words

paean (pee'-un) n. a joyously exultant song or hymn of praise, tribute, thanksgiving, or triumph. [From Latin "a hymn of thanksgiving to Apollo," from Greek paian or paion, from Paian or Paion, a name for Apollo in the hymn.]

Haiku Reviews

The Punisher  :|

Some jerk's family
gets killed. Then he punishes
us with his ego.

Plus: Juno and Charlie Wilson's War

Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator

Tirade's Choice

The Ultimate Toy Phaser

"I have found that a demo copy of Treehouse on the counter and a 60 second demo game sells out more copies of Treehouse than any other game I demo. It is one of those games that has to be played in order to realize just how much fun it is. And as soon as you beat whomever you are demoing to, rest assured they will want a money in the bank." -- Eric J. Morgan, Critical Effect Games

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Get Ready for Martian Fluxx!

For a couple of months now I've been tinkering up a cool new version of Fluxx, and although we're not ready to make an official new product announcement just yet, we have decided that we're far enough along in the process for me to start talking about it on this webpage.

It's a Martian Invasion-themed version of Fluxx! Just as Zombie Fluxx draws on all those classic Zombie movies for inspiration, Martian Fluxx is about all those great alien invasion stories going back to the original, the War of the Worlds. (And unlike Zombie Fluxx, which required that I study a lot of material I'd previously been too grossed out by to watch, I've always been a huge fan of this genre and thus needed no extra research time to create this new game!)

Shown here is a collage made up of some of the Keepers you'll find in the Martian Fluxx: Mars, the Mothership, the Flying Saucer, the Tripod, the City, the Cow, the Ray Gun, the Space Suit, and the Tentacle.

The Tentacle? I hear you asking. How is that a good thing? All those other things sound like great Keepers but what's good about a tentacle? Well, they're great if you're a Martian... which is what we are in this game!

In Martian Fluxx, the players are invaders from Mars, and the Creepers are those pesky Pathetic Humans who are always getting in our way, keeping us from winning. Cows of course are Keepers because for Humans and Martians alike, they're good eating. There are actually two Cow Keepers in the game; if you have them both you can win with the Goal "Two All-Beef Earthlings."

The idea of making us the Martians came about as I realized the Martians are the ones who get all the cool stuff! Other cool Keepers you'll find include the Abduction Chamber (which you can hide your Pathetic Humans in), the Space Modulator and the Mind-Control Transmitter. And yes, you can use that Ray Gun to vaporize Pathetic Humans. (The Germs Creeper however is harder to get rid of...)

Of course the artwork you see here is just the sketches I made for my prototypes. As we did with Zombie Fluxx, the final product will feature full-color art by a professional artist.

BTW, I was inspired to design this game by our Queen of Operations, Robin Vinopal. (In fact I gave her the first hand-drawn prototype as a birthday gift in late November.) I've designed many games because Kristin asked me to (including Zombie Fluxx, Aquarius, and yes even the original Fluxx) but Martian Fluxx happened because Robin kept saying "So Andy, what are we making after Zombie Fluxx? How about something with flying saucers and ray guns and alien abductors and stuff like that? That'd be cool!"

The design is feeling pretty complete at this point, but I've still got room for a few more cards, which is good because I'm sure I'll have a few more ideas as playtesting continues. As far as the production schedule is concerned, we're planning to repeat what we did for Zombie Fluxx, with an official announcement at GTS in April and a release date in September, after showcasing it and promoting it at the big summer trade shows, Origins and GenCon.

So that's a sneak peek at Martian Fluxx, one of two cool new games I currently have in the works. (The other is still a fully classified secret, currently codenamed Secret Project EMR-35.)

AndyThanks for reading, and have a great week!

Thought Residue

I wish everyone in the country would read the inspiring book by Jim Collins called Good to Great. Then it would be clear to all that we need to elect a Level 5 Leader as President and start a National Stop-Doing List.
"It's only late once, but it's bad forever." -- Mike Selinker, commenting on why he's just as happy that the Stonehenge expansion I helped design was delayed, since it gave them more time to get everything perfect

This is the best year of the decade for the mistake of writing down the previous year's date, since it's easier to turn a 7 into an 8 than any other pair of sequential numbers.

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