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Saturday, Feb 28th, 2009

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"Fluxx till nearly 4am at the diner last night, woke up at like 9, taught brothers to play, played for 2.5 hrs." -- Tweet by JoviAllTogetha

Assorted links & comments on topics includng the Secret Lives of Comic Store Employees, the death of Socks, A Day in the Life of Abbey Road, How the Crash Will Reshape America, the Trough of No Value, and Toast Girl

Toy Fair was Excellent!

We've just returned from a week in New York City where we were exhibitors at a huge industry-only trade show called Toy Fair. While we've been many times before, this was by far our most successful Toy Fair ever!

In my previous update, I described our plans going in to the show, and everything worked out great -- our new booth rocks, our new literature is excellent, and as you can see, we looked sharp in our new uniform shirts! Check out Robin's photo album for more pictures of us in our booth.

Business was excellent. We took lots of actual orders (way more than we have in any previous year) and we got leads towards many more, which we'll be following up with like we've never been able to before, given the upgrades to our sales management systems that we've made since our last trip to Toy Fair. We also had a lot of good facetime with various business partners from around the country. Best of all, we didn't get hit by a blizzard like we did in '03 and '06!

We were mainly promoting Fluxx 4.0, Monty Python Fluxx, Zombie Fluxx, and the Treehouse line, but we were also offering glimpses of things we're planning to release this year. In particular, we were showing off sketches of the art we're developing for my new game, set to be released this June. Since we haven't made an official announcement about it yet, we're still officially referring to it only by the code name Secret Project EMR-35, but if you can't wait to hear more about it, listen to the interview I gave to the Amorphous Blobcast last November.

Anyway, it was a very successful show but also a very exhausting one so we're glad to be home and mostly caught up again.

AndyThanks for reading and have a great whenever!

Thought Residue
I didn't find much to get excited about in other companies' booths at Toy Fair this year, but Robin did. For years she's been on the lookout for these tiny frog aquariums, like the one her Godmother used to have, and so she was thrilled to discover the booth of the company that created them, called Wild Creations. These cool little aquariums require very little maintenance and the miniature ecosystem inside includes a pair of tiny African dwarf frogs that are ever so cute! Robin immediately worked a deal for one, and they're so cool that Alison brought home a tiny frog Aquarium as well!

My buddy Keith Baker is planning a big trip around the world this summer, running D&D games in exchange for crash space and hospitality. Given his reputation as a world-famous game designer, he's gotten an impressive list of offers; he's going to have quite an adventure! What a great way to see the world! (I'll be watching his story unfold with particular interest; if it goes well for him, I might try stealing his idea someday!)
Recently my brother Rash and I were discussing The Twilight Zone and debating the question, "What was the very best episode?" We each came up with our own list of greatest shows, and when we compared notes later, exactly one episode appeared on both our lists. Clearly, we'd found the winner: A World of Difference (which we usually refer to by quoting its most memorable line: "CUT!")

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