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Friday, April 10th, 2009

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"When I was looking at Guests of Honor for this year, you were mentioned as people who are great GoH's, and I must say that reputation is well-deserved. I really appreciate your part in making GameStorm 11 a success." -- email from the Con Chair of GameStorm 11

Assorted links & comments on topics including 1001 rules, airship pilot licenses, the World's Shortest Tunnel, Scenes from the Recession, the Seven "Nations" of Political Talk, Detroit's Beautiful, Horrible Decline, classes, sushi, the Watchmen, and more

Between GameStorm and GTS

We are having a very busy springtime. Last weekend Kristin and I were in Portland, Oregon (attending GameStorm-11 as official Guests of Honor) and next weekend we'll be flying over the country again, as we travel to Las Vegas (for the GAMA Trade Show). In between we've been filling our days with a range of exciting activities, making progress on everything from production (the artwork for Are You The Traitor? looks fantastic!) to fulfillment (the Castle Expansion kits are shipping!) to the internal (the walls of our offices are being painted bright colors) and have even included Having a Life (celebrating birthdays, attending the theater, going to the aquarium, and of course, playing games).

Of course, one of the things I haven't been finding time for in all this craziness is providing updates to this website. Sorry about that! But this is why I switched to the Whenever format. (Also, I have been twittering a lot lately, so there's that for more frequent updates on all things Looney Labsy.)

Anyway, as noted I'm a bit overloaded at the moment and I'm leaving town again soon so I'm not going to go into as much detail on recent events as I might if I weren't so busy. But I did want to say a few more things about GameStorm-11.

Firstly, it was a very nice size, not too small but not dauntingly big either. This was particularly nice given that GameStorm is strictly a gaming con (as opposed to being, say, a sci-fi con with a vibrant gaming track). Secondly, the Portland area seems really great and we met lots of really nice people. Thirdly of course, I got to spend days on end just playing games, including lots of very useful playtest sessions for new games I'm working on, two late night poker games with industry big shots, and a rousing good session of Andy vs. Everybody! Now that's what I call a great weekend!

Best of all was being given the Guest of Honor treatment. We were treated very well indeed by the good folks who run GameStorm -- thank you so much for bringing us out to play games at your event!

AndyThanks for reading and have a great whenever!


PS: A moment of silence please for the passing of Dave Arneson. Thanks for all the great games, Dave... we will miss you.

Thought Residue
I had a fun Small-World moment last week with Susannah -- turns out we went to the same Elementary school, 25 years apart, and both had the same memorable and influential music teacher, Mrs. Scott! I was one of her earliest students, and she was one of her last but we were both in her famous spring musicals! We were even both in the same play, Oliver! (And speaking of coincidences, we just saw my nephew Eric portray the Artful Dodger this weekend!)

My favorite feature in Wired magazine is always the thing on the last page: Found -- Artifacts from the Future. The current issue features signs from a Truck Stop of 2021, where regular unleaded gas costs 29.99 a gallon, and where, among the many products being advertised, there's something called "Uncle Willie's Kind Green" being offered. Gosh, I wonder what that is? :-) I also loved the Happy Meal of 2013, when McDonald's has apparently adopted a new catchphrase, "Robble, Robble, Yo!"
"America imprisons 756 inmates per 100,000 residents, a rate nearly five times the world's average. About one in every 31 adults in this country is in jail or on supervised release. Either we are the most evil people on earth or we are doing something very wrong." -- Parade magazine, March 29, 2009, teaser text for the article by Senator Jim Webb called "What's Wrong with our Prisons?"

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