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Mona Lisa Switcheroo, Part 3

Werner tracked the Mona Lisa down and prevented her destruction by trading for her with the medicine man. Then he did a better job of hiding her. But again the art historians said it was a fake... her finger lacked a documented blemish (which Werner himself had made while substituting his forgery for the original).

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"One of us could be the Master and one could play as three or four seekers."
- Kory Heath

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screed (screed) n. 1: a) a lengthy discourse b) an informal piece of writing 2: a strip laid on as a guide (as of plaster of the thickness planned for the coat) 3: a leveling device drawn over freshly poured concrete

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The Talented Mr. Ripley :-)

Ripley imitates
those around him while the film
imitates Hitchcock.
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Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

A fascinating documentary about what went on behind-the-scenes, back in the Golden Age of Hollywood, when the original toon stars were making their classic cartoon masterpieces. Like most period dramas, it centers on fictional characters (in this case Roger and Jessica Rabbit, Eddie Valiant, and others) who are inserted into the history and seen interacting with real characters from the past, including Donald Duck and Daffy Duck, who apparently relaxed in their free time by dueling with pianos.

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Mullets Galore
Fruits of Chaos
Belt Sander Races
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Too Much Coffee Man

Thursday, January 20, 2000
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Origins / Snow / Dreams / (Secrets)

It's been another busy week here at the lab, but since no single story stands out against the others, I'm just gonna yammer a bit about some of the things on our minds this week:

1.) First, we've been planning for Origins. This week marked the deadline for submitting events to the Origins Pre-Show registration book (mailed out to 60,000 gamers several months before the event) and since we've decided to run a whole mess of tournaments at this year's convention, we had to work out the whole schedule now, so that Kristin could fill out all of the necessary paperwork. But that's all done now, so I can officially tell you that we'll be running a whole mess of events (22 total) at Origins this year, including tournaments for Aquarius, Zarcana, IceTowers, IceTraders, and Martian Chess, plus the first ever Fluxx World Championship, and of course, the 11th International Icehouse Tournament (in which yours truly will compete, as the returning champion). Also, the other Kristin (aka toK) will be hosting numerous sessions of an open gaming event we call the Den of Contagious Dreams, where she'll be playing any and all of the games in the Contagious Dreams line, with whoever wants to join her. It should be a grand time, so mark your calendars: it all happens July 13-16th, 2000, in Columbus, Ohio.

2.) Secondly, it snowed! It didn't snow at all while Leslie was here, but now that she's gone back to Texas, it's snowed twice in 2 days. (Isn't it always that way? I have the same problem whenever I go to California. I'm always hoping to experience a nice mild earthquake, but it never happens while I'm there...)

3.) Thirdly, Alison has decided to work on closing up one of those cracks that things keep falling through. She's declared herself to be the Contagious Dreams Duchess of Retail, and has taken over control of the whole game review process. There are a bunch of games in our review queue that are still in the hands of testers, and she's been doing a great job of tracking down these games and following up with the Testers who last had them, and the corresponding with Dreamers who we'd never gotten back to. And it's really great that she's doing this... we've been feeling bad about the lack of closure on a couple of cases, but there just aren't enough hours in the day to keep everything from falling through the cracks. Hopefully Alison will keep this from being a problem in the future.

4.) And finally, I had a flash of inspiration earlier this week, which has me eagerly working on the design of an entirely new game. Since announcing its name would reveal too much about the project, I'm referring to it only as Secret Project 39-C (not to be confused with Secret Project 37-IGP, which is something else altogether). But trust me... it's going to be *really* cool. I mean it. I'm excited. Several nights this week I've spent time working on this thing, when I was supposed to be making the final edits to our new business plan, and it's so cool that I haven't even gotten into trouble from my manager. But since it's all secret and stuff, I can't say anything more about it now. Sorry! Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned it... tell you what, let's just forget I said anything, and pretend there are only 3 top stories this week. OK?

AndyLet freedom grow,

New Iceland cartoonthe story so far

Thought Residue
"As far as we know, the public has never been told about this research -- for example, the drug-reform movement seems not to have known about its existence. This work may have been hushed because its findings are not what the drug-war industry would want." -- John S. James, writing for AIDS TREATMENT NEWS about an unpublished two year old federal study which found that THC-treated rats lived longer and had less cancer
"Who needs sex and who needs food when you can have *shoes*? That's all I have to say." -- a contestant named Cynthia on the All New "3's a Crowd" game show
As a kid I really liked Pillsbury Orange Danish rolls (available in the refrigerator case). So why don't they make orange flavored Pop-Tarts?

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