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It's Not A Watch, It's A Time-X

In my universe, Archduke Ferdinand survived. World War One never happened; instead, Europe enjoyed a time of tremendous prosperity. In 1933, Einstein Industries' research division began experimenting with time travel, and by 1977 anyone wealthy could buy a wristwatch-sized time machine. As far as I know, mine is the only one still in existence.

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"The variant we used for Martian Chess was cool but hard to remember to do it."
- Kristin Looney

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ugsome (ugg'-sum) adj. : frightful, loathsome (fr.ME uggen "to fear, or inspire fear")

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The Whole Nine Yards :-|
Terrible accents --
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Around the World in 80 Days

I've seen numerous adaptations of this Jules Verne classic, and while I have a special fondness for the vintage Saturday morning animated series (I wish Cartoon Network would unearth that one), I think my all-around favorite is the version that won the Oscar for Best Picture back in 1956. Although Pierce Brosnan did a fine job with the lead role in the 1989 Mini-Series, no one can beat David Niven's classic performance. (Phileas Fogg has always been one of my heroes... he's eccentric, punctual and well-organized; cool under pressure; and ready to play a game of cards in any and every imaginable circumstance.)

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Road Waffles

Thursday, March 2, 2000
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Button-Man Tirade / Fluxx 2.1 Tuckbox

On the spur of the moment, we decided to attended JohnCon, a good old-fashioned cheap college gaming con, held last weekend on the campus of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, and we had a great time. We took over a classroom for the whole of Saturday, and just played our games there all day long, with whoever wanted to join us. We played just about everything we've released, including IceTraders (shown), the Human Game Board T-shirt (which one of our rabbits just happened to be wearing) and this week's new release RAMbots (another totally great Icehouse game designed by Kory Heath). It was a great day.

Since this was a local con, lots of Toasters from the Home Office turned out, as did several Rabbits from the Blacksburg Warren, who just happened to be attending the con. As you can see, Kory, Tucker, and John were there, as were Gina, Dale, toK and Todd, Renee and Scott, Jake and Peter, Emily, Jay and Adam, and of course, Alison, Kristin, and myself.

Also in attendance was James Ernest (who was actually the Guest of Honor) and as usual it was fun hobnobbing with him, talking shop and such. I competed in his Brawl tournament (and was humbled) and he hung out a lot in our gaming space, playing games. Somewhere along the line (who's idea was it?) we got the idea of doing an officially licensed Button Men third-party expansion, of (who else) Tirade, and it was such an obviously great idea that we started working on it the moment we heard it.

Since the Blacksburg Warren actually plays Button Men, they were totally into the idea of a Tirade Button Men button. They got together with James and brainstormed ideas for his stats, playtested him extensively, and sent me the final numbers just when I was starting to work up the art. We'd already been planning to submit a button order to our manufacturer this week (we need to fill an unexpected order we got for 4 dozen of one of our buttons), so we decided to press the Tirade Button Men release directly into production. If all goes well, it will go on sale here in a week or two, along with a dozen other new buttons we've been cooking up this week.

Fluxx 2.1 Update: This week the deadline was the art for the new tuckbox. As you can see from the image at the right, it's not all that different from the current box. The biggest change is on the back panel, where we've added a couple of icon-sized images of cards, so that you can get a better idea by looking at the outside what's actually on the inside. We're still using the great little blurb Zarf wrote for the original edition, but this time Kristin thought to break the paragraph up into a series of shorter thoughts, and it works really well. We had to drop the use of the Fluxx border on the back to make room, but it was worth it. Up Next: revising the instructions insert.

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Thought Residue
Secret Project 39-C is coming along REALLY well!
It's amazing how many productive hours you can cram into a day if you simply go without sleep.
"The well-funded and powerfully persuasive view that marijuana is dangerous dominates every media outlet, except one: the Internet. Positive marijuana messages rule cyberspace, where it doesn't require millions to state your case, just a mere $20 a month. This, of course, infuriates anti-drug forces." -- Saul Rubin, of the San Francisco Bay Guardian, writing about the misleadingly named Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act, which seeks to make all "pro-drug" information illegal

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